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MeckMom’s Teaching Tips: 30-second Trick for Teaching Scripture Stories

The internet is full of beautiful printables to teach the scripture stories. Unfortunately, sometimes you only have a few minutes to throw together a meaningful FHE or Primary lesson. In this short video I teach my favorite quick and easy trick for helping young kids act out the scripture stories. Using simple supplies you can find in any Church library, you’ll be able to whip up a finger-puppet primary lesson in a matter of minutes.


MeckMom’s Teaching Tip: FREE Gospel Art Kit Scripture Stickers

The scriptures are always the best tool to teach kids the gospel – but they can be intimidating for kids to use. When my kids were little I really wanted to help them connect with their scriptures (without spending a ton) so I created these cool, transparent scripture stickers based on the Gospel Art Kit found on LDS.org.

MM BLOG Scrip Sticker vi3 750x750-01

Here’s a quick video explaining why I created them and how they’ve made a difference in my family’s scripture study.


You can add them to your kids scriptures by following these four easy steps – I made it Pinterest friendly so go ahead, pin your heart out! 🙂

Scripture Stickers Pinterest Post 735width-01

This year, I completely revamped the original stickers I created back in 2008. I included tons of new pictures from each of the four books of scripture (140 stickers total) and added all the the references and page numbers right on the sheet. I also formatted them to fit perfectly on my favorite peel-n-stick sticker paper so you could skip all the cropping time. They’re so much easier to use now. Here’s a pic of me putting the new set on my son’s scrips while I was waiting to pickup kids in my car. Multi-tasking moms unite. 😉

MM BLOG Scrip Sticker car 750x750-01

You can find all the free downloads and links to purchase my very favorite sticker paper in the scripture study section of my site, MeckMom.com.

I hope you enjoy using them in your family and your classes…and share them with other free-printable-loving-moms around the world! – Maria

Scrip Paper Pic 750x750 1-01

Easy and inexpensive Primary birthday gift printable

Once I posted these little darlings in the shop, I knew they would be irresistible. What Primary teacher could stay away from such a perfect little treat wrapped in a ‘scripture-themed’ package?

MM SD CG Scrip Are True Nerds 2 1000x1000-01

Now, the adorable design has been adapted for full-size Nerds boxes as well. This printable gift is the perfect way to wish your primary kids a happy birthday and remind them about the sweetness found inside their scriptures.

Jumbo Bday Nerds 2-01

The best part about these little gifts is that they’re storage-friendly. You could make dozens of them while you have your next presidency meeting and then store them in the Primary closet all year.

Jumbo Bday Nerds 3-01

The printables print three to a page so you for $3.50 (plus candy and paper expenses) you can make countless little boxes of joy. You can find both the large, happy birthday printable and the smaller, primary theme printable in the Sugardoodle Etsy Shop.

Need some tips on making these fast? Click here to see a short video tutorial on how to assemble all of MeckMom’s cute candy grams.

Jumbo Bday Nerds1-01

Scripture Power FREE or 50% off

LDS Primary 2016I am excited to share the super good news… all of my 2016 Primary theme designs are now 50% off through the end of the year and plenty of them, along with all of the monthly posters are FREE too. You can find them here on Sugardoodle.net or at pebblesinmypocket.com. Designs are also perfect to use within our families and are perfect for adding some SCRIPTURE POWER  into the lives of everyone at home too. I mean really… who ever gets tired of Super Heros?

Have a wonderful week! Brenda


Add a little super power to your Scripture Study

Sometimes scripture study needs a little boost. What better way to keep kids on track with their scripture goals this a simple printable…chock-full of scripture power?

MeckMom Super Suckers 3

Bold, bright and easy to assemble, they’re the perfect addition to your next Primary sharing/singing/class time or as a sweet incentive in your family scripture study. But don’t take our word for it. Check out the latest review from Mary, a Primary Chorister in Heber, Utah…

“These were a BIG hit in my singing time/scripture chase activity! The kids thought they were SO cool and such a fun way to reinforce the theme of the year! I was afraid they’d be time-consuming to construct, but they were very easy to cut and looked awesome without much effort! I’d totally make them again!”

The super suckers come in two sets: red, green, blue, yellow or pink, purple, aqua, yellow. You can find them in the Sugardoodle Shop for only $3.50 each.

MeckMom Super Suckers 2

Have a fabulous week! -Maria

Scripture Power Reading Chart

Dear Friends-
We live in a world that idolizes fame and fortune…  Football and basketball stars of our favorite teams, movies, musicians and movie stars, even Super Heroes like Superman, Batman, The Hulk and Thor. We all want and need someone to look up to. Oftentimes, the people that live with us and love us throughout our lives are our Hero’s, though many times we overlook them.
I love the Primary 2016 Theme I Know The Scriptures Are True and know there is a power and strength that comes from reading the scriptures each day. Scripture Power.
Who are our hero’s? Our children’s hero’s? The scriptures are filled with wonderful examples of true hero’s for us to look up to and follow. This is a great time to talk around the kitchen table and talk about our favorites and why … Nephi, Ammon, Captain Moroni, Abinadi, 2000 Stripling Warriors, Alma the Younger, The Brother of Jared, Sons of Mosiah and most especially Jesus Christ. We can pick our favorite (s) and make a list of their character traits we want to strive for in our lives.
I have included a link to our FREE Scripture Power Book of Mormon Reading Chart for you to download for each member of your family or church group to keep track of your progress. Happy Reading!
Take care,
Brenda 2016 Primary Book of Mormon  Reading Chart