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Ministering printables and ideas for Relief Society women of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints.

All-Occasion Ministering Scripture Printables

Free All-Occasion Ministering Scripture Printables

Use these free ministering scripture printable handouts to make your ministering efforts simple, easy, and meaningful.

SugarDoodle is so excited to feature guest blogger Chrissy from Ministering Printables (formerly We absolutely love her work and know you will too. 

All-Occasion Ministering Scripture Printables

Hi, friend! I’m Chrissy from Ministering Printables. I believe that ministering can be fun. I know, hang with me here.

I’ve never forgotten when visiting teaching changed to ministering. In that general conference, Elder Holland said, “With these adjustments we want more care and concern, not less.”

Those words mean that we need more contact, more care.

But let’s be honest. The world is noisy and busy. We are all stressed and pressed for time. So how do we do it?

These printables can make it easier for you. 😍

All-Occasion Ministering Scripture Printables

How do these free scripture ministering printables make ministering easier?

You can use these happy, colorful, and inspiring printables in so many ways:

  • Mail these printables to your sisters with a simple note on the back.
  • Put them in an inexpensive frame and give them as a gift.
  • Send these ministering printables via text with a message of love and concern.
  • Post them on social media.
  • Tape these printables to a treat and deliver.
  • Laminate them and put a magnet on the back for a lovely gift.
  • Punch a hole and tie ribbon on the top and turn these printables into a bookmark.
  • Use these ministering printables for lesson handouts.
  • And so many more…

These free ministering printables are perfect for Christian sisters. They're cute, all occasion, and are sure to brighten someone's day. Instant download.

I hope you can use these free ministering scripture printable handouts as you share goodness, uplift others, and continue your ministering efforts.

Oh, and don’t forget to print some for you and your family too. 😉

I hope you will find me at Ministering Printables.

Thanks for making the world a better place.


Chrissy Olsen from Ministering Printables.








Our Prophet has “INVITED” us to do 5 specific things to help us PREPARE for the Bicentennial General Conference in April. When we discovered that most people in our ward did NOT know what President Nelson has requested us to do to get prepared, we went to work and created a way to show them the Prophet’s requests. We decided to print up each of his requests and make them into beautiful invitations. We then printed up stickers to be placed on their accompanying envelope that said, “An Invitation From President Russell M. Nelson” and placed all of his requests inside an envelope, one envelope for each member of our YSA RS and Elder’s Quorum.

Design Your Own Plan for General Conference Study

Next, we held a special Sunday School meeting called “A Kick-Off to the Restoration” – and we passed out these special invites to the class. We read through the invitations as a group and focused on the invitation where the Prophet asked us to “Design Your Own Plan to Get Immersed in the Restoration.” We then passed out a worksheet which we called Design Your Own Plan and we brainstormed on the whiteboard ideas to help them get immersed which they could write on their worksheets.

*As leaders, we observed that when our ward members were in charge of designing their “own plans” and brainstorming ideas, they were more excited about getting prepared than if we had told them what to do to prepare. Our ward loved this special meeting. We heard that several members went and made copies of the invitations to pass out to their friends and family! They also have been coming and telling us on Sundays that they have been accomplishing the goals they made on their planning sheet!

Kit for Bicentennial General Conference Preparation

KIT CONTENTS: This instant download printable kit comes with a lesson, worksheets, thematic prints and the invites that you can use for YOUTH lessons, for FHE, or RS. We love helping you ACT UPON the Invitations of our Prophet!

We loved seeing the faces on our YSA members as they opened their “invitations from the Prophet.” It just made it special and unforgettable! A fun idea would be to have a special “RESTORATION FAMILY DINNER” and to have an invite at each of your place settings so each member of your family gets to open their own invitations and feels “INVITED!”

PS. The invites also make for a beautiful “Ministering gift” to give to those you are assigned to. So perfect as the Restoration is on everyone’s minds!

Download this kit FREE NOW ‘TILL FRIDAY, or if you missed it, you can purchase on Etsy at the SUGARdoodleSHOP starting on Friday!



August Visiting Teaching Kit

August 2016VT slider box_SD
As I thought this week about how our words influence the love and nurturing that occurs in our homes, I was struck by the similarities to raspberries– they can be tart or they can be sweet!  This epiphany was the catalyst for this month’s message, which is full of raspberries and, of course, Sweet Tarts!

And let me just say a word about the recipe for this month–these Raspberry ‘Sweet’ Rolls are A.M.A.Z.I.N.G!  I am a huge believer in easy roll recipes, so I got creative and combined a couple of my recipes for the dough and the fillings and this raspberry-cream-cheese-fluffy-dough beauty was born!  Using instant yeast it took me about an hour and half from start to finish– and if you know anything about sweet/cinnamon roll recipes, this is incredibly fast!  I hope you give it a try!

Enjoy the BONUS “missed you” door hangers for those sisters that just seem to be on vacation all summer long. 😉

CLICK HERE to see the kit for yourself!  🙂

aug pic mix_300

This printable kit includes:
  • Visiting Teaching Message
  • 4 x 6 inch vintage print
  • “Sweet or Tart” treat bag topper: fill a bag with Sweet Tarts and staple this header to the top!
  • “Raspberry” metaphor gift tag: attach to a container of fresh raspberries!
  • 3 x 5 inch recipe card for Raspberry Sweet Rolls – oh my, these are my new favorite thing! Make some ahead and bring them along on your visits and/or gift the recipe along with some raspberries and the coordinating gift tag (above). This is as sweet as it gets, my friends!!
  • “Kind words invite the Holy Ghost” lip balm wrapper: just cut out and tape around a tube of chap stick for a daily reminder to watch our words!
  • 1 inch magnet/bottle cap circles, 3 designs
  • BONUS: “Missed You” door hangers!

aug pic rasp_300