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New Snapchat-like Video App Missionary Families Will Love

Alex Balinski, creator of the popular mission prep YouTube channel “Prepare to Serve,” recently launched an app, that’s like a combination of Snapchat and Wikipedia.


The new app “Lifey”, is a video platform that allows the public to share what they know and things they’ve experienced. So far the Lifey app has crowdsourced and published more than 5,000 informational videos, mostly about missions.But that’s only the beginning. In the next three year, Balinski aims to crowdsource 50,000-100,000 mission videos through the Lifey app. And in the next 30 years he hopes to crowdsource more than 100 million videos to create the world’s largest free video database to help people learn from each others’ experiences.

Balinski’s primary focus for the app so far has been on providing returned missionaries with a platform to share useful tips and experiences about their Latter-day Saint missions, to help prospective missionaries prepare.

Returned missionaries are able to download the app and record short videos, up to 60 seconds long, on approximately 15 topics, including favorite foods, language tips, packing and safety advice. Upon receiving their mission calls, young men and women and their families can watch these videos and learn from returned missionaries’ insights and stories to better prepare them for missionary service.

The Lifey app was created to help individuals in their unique circumstances, find the help they need. It’s a user friendly app that allows users to quickly upload videos or browse thousands of topics in only a few clicks. In five minutes, the user can become more knowledgeable about any of a myriad of topics.

The Lifey app also allows people to share their insights and experiences about what living in their hometown in is like. People thinking of moving to a city can learn about the community from residents. Lifey users can browse city videos on about 17 topics, including local issues, crime, community resources, pros, cons, etc..

Another topic recently launched on the Lifey app is health conditions. People can record videos about their experiences with health conditions, share valuable information, and offer support for other people diagnosed with the same diseases/conditions.

In the future, Balinski plans to expand Lifey to include tens of thousands of video forums to improve people’s access to information, and help them make better life decisions.

If you or someone you know is interested in sharing mission stories on the Lifey app, watch this video:

If you or someone you know is interested in sharing health experiences on the app, watch this video:

To learn more about Lifey, visit their website,

*Please share this article with anyone you know who’s served or is thinking of serving a mission.
*Guest post contribution by Brittany Fromm, a BYU student intern for Lifey.

#LIGHTtheWORLD: Christmas-in-a-Box Free Printable Kit from Brightly Street

Christmas is a time to spread the love of our Savior and that is why we are helping spread the word about the campaign called #LIGHTtheWORLD.  This is all about finding simple ways to serve others.  So Sugardoodle has teamed up with some amazing bloggers who have created free printable kits to help you spread kindness to those around you.

Melia at Brightly Street has come up with a Christmas in a Box kit for you to use.  This free printable kit can be sent to someone who is away for the holidays or can just cheer up a friend. It would be fun to make as family too.  Here is Melia with more info about her printables:

All of the instructions and printables are completely FREE to use, however you will not find them here on Sugardoodle.  Instead we have shared them with some fabulous LDS bloggers and site owners who have each taken these printables and used them in their own way.  You can find them by visiting the #LIGHTtheWORLD main page and clicking on one of the supporting site links.  This list is growing daily, so check back often!

free printable from Brightly Street
The #LIGHTtheWORLD campaign continues throughout the whole month of December starting with a Worldwide Day of Service on Decebmer 1, 2016.  Isn’t it wonderful to know that so many others will be sharing the love of our Savior all around the world?  Be sure to join in by looking for little opportunities to help others.  Encourage others to join in by sharing these free printable kits and using the hashtag #LIGHTtheWORLD on social media.  Also, don’t forget to share the video all about this uplifting initiative.

We are so grateful to Melia at Brightly Street for sharing her talents and creating these free printables!  Merry Christmas!


Man of Might Printable

IMG_7264Hi friends,
Today is my oldest son’s fifth birthday.  I cannot believe that he is 5!  Time just goes so fast, right?!   He is just the best of kids and I love his sweet, perceptive, and intense personality.  Like most moms do, I worry about him as well as my other two sons.  I worry about the type of trials they will have.  I worry about how they are treating others.  I worry and pray that I am doing enough to teach them and to help build their testimonies. There are so many things I want for them to know.  Besides the basics of laundry, picking up after yourself, and how to treat others, (especially girls, gulp) I desperately want them to know who they truly are as Sons of God.  President Monson worded it perfectly with this quote in the latest priesthood session, and I KNEW I wanted it displayed in each of my boys rooms with their picture and baby blessing outfit.
Even though two out of the three are not able to read yet, this quote also helps me remember who these boys really are.  They aren’t really mine.  They have been entrusted to me to raise them to be “men of might.”  When I am tempted to lose my temper with them, or when I am just plain burned out, this quote helps me remember how I should be treating them, and gives me the strength to be a better mama.

ManofMight-Listing-02This printable is perfect to be displayed in any boys room, in an office space, or to be given as a gift to your missionary. You can find this printable here for $2.50.  It comes in 2 sizes, 8×10 and 5×7.


Melanie B.
SageWood Ave. Designs


I’ll Go Where You Want Me To Go…

IllGoWhereYouWantMeToGoIMG_6478IMG_6483I know when we think of this quote, missionaries come to mind. But then, I also know that we are all missionaries as we look for ways to love and serve the people around us in different ways. This last Sunday, our family hosted our first Neighborhood Family Get Together. Not as a ward activity, but just as neighbors. Of course we invited everyone in our ward boundary. Eating yummy cookies, catching up with old friends and getting to know new, was a wonderful way to spend a couple of early evening hours and a definite do again each month… and together was a pretty good place to be. This quote will be added to the Sugardoodle shop here first thing in the morning.

Thank you! Brenda

Called to Serve Banner

CalledToServePennantBannerImageOur Called to Serve Banner in classic black is perfect for celebrating your Missionary going out or coming back. Looks great hanging over the treat table, where the crowds gather… This week we offer it to you as a FREE printable from our Sugardoodle Shop. Download it and tuck it away for when you will need it. You can find it here.

Thank you! Brenda