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How does culture influence primary teaching in Hawaii?

Primary Boy

While on our trip to Laie Hawaii we interviewed several primary teachers that work at the Polynesian Cultural Center to find out how culture has an influence on their teaching.

In this interview we visit with Misty Rose a floor manager at one of the restaurants at the Polynesian Cultural Center in Laie Hawaii.  She has taught a CTR 7 class for nearly 3 years and has always been in primary callings as an adult.  We learn from her how she deals with the challenges of teaching a class with so many different cultures blended together.  Her class and many primary classes in Hawaii can easily have children with heritage from Samoa, Tonga, New Zealand, Fiji, Japan, Hawaii and many other diverse places.  It’s fascinating to hear her experiences. Our site visitors can enter to win a trip for 4 Hawaii here.

Bottom line is the gospel of Jesus Christ is true and touches lives all over the world. Follow the spirit which will guide and inspire you how to best touch your class as you pray for inspiration.

MeckMom’s Teaching Tips: 30-second Trick for Teaching Scripture Stories

The internet is full of beautiful printables to teach the scripture stories. Unfortunately, sometimes you only have a few minutes to throw together a meaningful FHE or Primary lesson. In this short video I teach my favorite quick and easy trick for helping young kids act out the scripture stories. Using simple supplies you can find in any Church library, you’ll be able to whip up a finger-puppet primary lesson in a matter of minutes.


Visit the Laie Hawaii Temple and Visitors Center



The Laie Hawaii Temple and visitors center are breathtaking. Enter to win a trip for 4 to this amazing place here.  In this picture we capture the visitors center Sister Missionaries standing in front of the temple.  Over 60,000 visitors came to this visitors center this summer, nearly double previous summers traffic average for the past 20 years.  Why you might ask?  Elder and Sister Swinton shared with us the inspiration they received to invite buses full of Tourists from Mainland China to stop and visit instead of stopping on the road out front for a quick photo and then driving past.  Hear the full story from Elder Swinton and the sisters serving at the visitors center regarding missionary work being done in the following videos:


Laie Hawaii – The ultimate family vacation destination.

Before visiting the Polynesian Cultural Center in Laie Hawaii this past week, if you asked me the best place to take a family on vacation I would’ve said Disney World.  My opinion has completely changed.  I’ll share with you some of the amazing experiences in store for you and your family if you choose to visit or stay in Laie, Hawaii.  Enter to win a trip for 4 to this amazing place here.

We stayed at the Courtyard Marriott hotel in Laie and thoroughly enjoyed ourselves. So much better than staying in the tourist trap Waikiki. I highly recommend staying here as it’s walking distance to the Polynesian Cultural Center, amazing restaraunts, shops, the beach and attractions that will make your trip more memorable than Disney World.

Here are some fun short videos I took of families enjoying the activities in the #polynesianculturalcenter Continue reading