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MeckMom’s Teaching Tip: Using Scriptures in Class

Every LDS lesson has dozens of scripture references. Figuring out how to incorporate them into your plan without losing momentum can be a bit tricky. Here are a two of my favorite tips for helping your students use and navigate their scriptures in class.


You can find the FREE alphabetical scripture printable by clicking here.

Watch the Hallelujah Easter video from mormon.org

Over the past several months we’ve been working with Mormon.org to introduce their new Easter video, Hallelujah, to the world. Yesterday, that beautiful video was launched.

Please, take a minute today to enjoy its sacred message. If it touches you, as it did us, please share it. Post it to your walls, pin it, tweet it, email it, watch it with your family at FHE, show it in your classrooms…just share it! The hallelujah message will resonate with all who hear it and draw millions of hearts closer to Christ.

To see the series of blog posts and printable packages we coordinated to support the video, please visit our #hallelujah page. It’s loaded with dozens of free printables designed by expert bloggers to help make your family’s Easter more meaningful. Happy Easter, everyone!

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