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MeckMom’s Teaching Tip: Easy Object Lesson on Prayer and Obedience

I’m a big believer in object lessons. They help settle the class, catch their interest and reinforce the idea that the gospel principles are woven into the world around us. This week, I’m sharing one of my favorite quick and easy object lessons on looking for help in the right places.


For more object lessons about obedience and finding help through the right sources, check out these great posts.

Sodas, Slushies, and Spiritual Consequences from LDS.org



Is Your Faith as Tough as Nails from EntitledtoRevelation.com


St. Patrick’s Day Post Roundup

One of the goals of the new Sugardoodle blog is to highlight other LDS bloggers who are posting fantastic ideas, printables and recipes. This week I’m itching to pack up my Valentine decor and get my home in the St. Patty’s spirit. Here are three great posts from a few of the bloggers in our Sugardoodle Creative Network – all designed to help you get your green on!

Shamrock Shutters from Just-Between-Friends.com

Shamrock Shutters

Leprechaun Cookie Bars & Printable from Elevate-Everyday.com


Free Printable Lunch Bag Tutorial from MakeLifeLovely.com


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MeckMom HeadshotThis guest post was submitted by Maria Eckersley. Maria is a stay-at-home mom of six by day and a sleep-deprived graphic designer by night. You can find more of her ideas and printables on her new site MeckMom.com or in her Etsy shop .