Preparation: Easter Advent for Holy Week #HALLELUJAH

Day 1 MantleR

Photo Credit: Amy Little Photography, Utah

If you are following along with me this week with the Easter Advent for Holy Week kit , let’s get the artwork printed and get ready to go!  You won’t actually start the advent with your family until this Friday (that is 10 days before Easter) if you are going to do the whole 10 days of devotionals.  You can print the kit out on a home color printer, or you can choose to go to a commercial color printer such as a Fed Ex Kinkos or The UPS Store, just make sure you either email it to them in advance or download it onto a flash drive before heading to the printers.

There are ten palm leaf branches you need to print from the kit, it only has one showing in the file, so you will need to print 9 more of the one page, and hand cut them out.  If your family helps in your effort, it might take only 30 minutes, depending on how many hands you have.  It took me about 10 minutes per leaf for the 12X18″ size, (This larger size is not included in the kit, only the 8X10 size is included in the kit, but you can purchase a separate file HERE  if you want it bigger.  My mantel is fairly large, so I wanted larger leaves).   It would probably take half that time to cut out the 8X10 size in the kit.  I didn’t cut exactly on the lines.  There was plenty of white border around the leaf on mine, and I still loved it.  Then cut out each individual letter from the watercolored letters that spell H-A-L-L-E-L-U-J-A-H.  I did not cut too carefully on these lines either, I just cut around the black outline leaving a border of white once again.  Glue these cut out letters to the palm leaves.  I used a 1-1/2″ wide satin ribbon in a mint green to clip the palm branches on to. Then, use small clothespins or binder clips to attach them on the ribbon, spaced evenly.  Hang across a window, drape on the mantle, or hang on a soffit or wall in your home.  See photo above.

In addition to the palm leaves and letters,  print off everything else included in the kit.  I went to a second hand store and found most of the sizes of frames I needed for each print listed below for less than a couple of dollars each.  I strongly suggest using a nice color digital print cardstock like a Hammermill 80 lb or 100 lb, it makes a difference in the color quality of your prints.

10 PAGES of LESSON PLANS – Read over lesson plans and gather items you may need for the enrichment activities listed in the “DO” tab at the end of each lesson.  They are optional, so decide now which ones you want your family to do.

HAND-LETTERED AND HAND-PAINTED ARTWORK to be printed off from the kit:

  1. Palm Leaf (Print 10 pages and cut out branches for garland.  Offered HERE in a larger size with H-A-L-L-E-L-U-J-A-H letters below ).
  2. H-A-L-L-E-L-U-J-A-H watercolored letters
  3. Hosanna 5X7 print
  4. Amazing Grace 8X10 print
  5. House of Prayer family checklist 8X10
  6. I know That My Redeemer Lives 8X10
  7. Charades Game Pieces
  8. Fear Not, He is Risen (Matt 28:5-6) 8X10 (offered in a larger size HERE)
  9. Passover Introduction 8X8
  10. Love One Another 8X10 print
  11. “You’ve Been Egged!” neighbor’s door poster 8X10
  12. I Believe in Christ 8X10 (offered in a larger size HERE)
  13. Crimson Red Greek Easter Eggs 5X7 recipe card
  14. I Stand All Amazed 8X10 (offered in a larger size HERE)
  15. There is a Green Hill Far Away 8X10
  16. Abide With Me; Tis Eventide 8X10
  17. Resurrection Rolls 5×7 recipe card
  18. Hallelujah! Easter 4-up dinner place cards (print off as many as you have guests coming to your Easter dinner with 4 on each page.)
  19. Christ the Lord is Risen Today 8X10 (offered in a larger size HERE)

I’ll see you back here tomorrow for Day 1 instructions, remember you won’t start until Friday!


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This guest post was submitted by Aimee Ferre. She grew up in the desert of East Mesa in Arizona, but married a mountain loving Utah boy. She currently lives in Sandy, Utah and is a mom to 3 daughters. She owns a small crafting business where she creates holiday decor and specializes in hand-lettering. You can always find her creating new projects or planning gatherings for friends and family. Follow her on Instagram to see what is currently on her desk or find her at






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