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Featured bloggers for the Easter Kit from Paging Supermom

As all of you know, we at Sugardoodle have been trying to spread the beauty of the Easter video this season. We reached out to six amazingly talented women to create a series of free printable Easter kits to support the campaign.

Over the past few weeks some of our favorite bloggers have been posting about the kits and their own Christ-centered family traditions. There were tons to choose from but we wanted to introduce you to a few of our favorite posts from each kit. We hope you click over, read their posts, comment and get inspired to bring more meaning to your family’s Easter.

Featured Bloggers from Kit #1: Easter Advent from Paging Supermom

Make Life Lovely-01Make Life Lovely
See how perfect Bettijo’s printables look atop her lemon cupcakes and on her Easter party favors

Laura is the creative mind behind Make Life Lovely, a creative blog where she shares parties and party ideas, DIY projects, crafts, recipes, and more. Her work has been published in multiple magazines, a party ideas book, and has been featured on, Buzz Feed, Huffington Post, Redbook Magazine, Country Living, Babble, and more. She lives in San Diego, CA with her husband and four kids.


Kiwi in the Clouds-01Kiwi in the Clouds
Check out her beautifully set table with berry baskets full of items to teach the Easter story.

The Kiwi in the Clouds is a place to discover creative solutions for the modern mom. I help moms live a creative life without spending a ton of time thinking about the process. I provide nursery design inspiration, great gift ideas, tons of free printables and a sprinkling of parenting advice along the way!


LDS Youth Leadership-01LDS Youth Leadership
Click over to see how you can 
incorporate two #hallelujah kits into your YM & YW activities

Heather is a young women leader, blogger, wife and mother of two daughters. She writes about her passion for teaching youth leadership skills at Her top posts titles include: Why Your Youth Aren’t Buying in to the Program (and Why it Might Be Your Fault) and 7 Steps to Planning a Successful New Beginnings.

There are so many other wonderful bloggers participating in this campaign. Please click over to the #hallelujah main page to see the full list and get links to the kit maker’s posts.

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Names of Christ Free Easter Printables

Hi, guys!  Today I’m sharing a fun idea to help make your family’s Easter more meaningful.  As a family of teenagers, our Easter looks a little different now than it used to.  Sadly, we have “aged out” of the egg hunts and some of the more traditional Easter activities, but I still really want to make it a special holiday for my family.  When I thought about how I could do that, I was inspired that the greatest gift I could give my children at this point in their lives – or at any age, really– is to know the Savior.  As they prepare to leave our home for college and missions, an intimate knowledge of who He is and what He can do in their lives will be the most important thing they can take with them. With that in mind, I created these “Names of Christ” printable study cards.

Names of Christ study cards -- in scriptures 750

Each card has a hand drawn chalk art design of one of Christ’s scriptural names on one side. On the back side is a scripture reference along with a story and/or quotes from our General Authorities that explain that name of Christ in a little more detail and hopefully sparks some thought or conversation. There are also questions or supplemental materials you can look up on for further thought and study. 

Names of Christ study cards -- packaged 750

This a wonderful way to keep the Savior in our daily thoughts and conversations in the week leading up to Easter, beginning on the Sunday before Easter and concluding on Easter itself. These cards can be studied as a family, perhaps as a discussion over dinner each evening, or individually in quiet study time.  With a little thought, many of them could be turned into interesting Family Home Evening Lessons or Youth devotionals.

Names of Christ study cards -- pre cut750

Simply print the pages double-sided {front and back} onto card stock and cut apart.  I chose to laminate my cards so they would hold up for a long time.  I made a set for each member of my family to tuck in their scriptures or keep on their bedside tables as a daily reminder of the things they have come to know about the Savior.  

Names of Christ study cards -- standing 750


Link to Black ‘Names of Christ’ Printable Cards

Link to Pastel ‘Names of Christ’ Printable Cards

Link to Watercolor ‘Names of Christ’ Printable Cards

Amy is: the “creative genius” behind My 3 Monsters by luck, a wife of one and mom of three by choice, an Arizonan by transplant, a decorator by education, an elementary school nurse by profession, a baker for sport, a sparkly things lover, and a jack of all trades.  She loves spending time with her crazy family and blogging at

I am a Daughter of my Heavenly Father

I am a daughter of my heavenly father quoteSometimes it’s easy to recite the yw theme in a group at church  without fully thinking about or understanding the  connection we each have personally with our Heavenly Father. I am a Daughter of my Heavenly Father and now even at 55 years old, I find peace in knowing that he knows me personally with all of my imperfections, my struggles, my joys. He knows my heart and He loves me… just as He loves each one of you. This is a quote I made to remind me that I am His daughter. You can find it here.

Take care, Brenda

Fun Family History Activity for Young Men & Young Women Joint Activity or for F.H.E.

(CLICK HERE to download a copy of this file)

The Church is really focusing member’s attention on Family History, and Sugardoodle is here to HELP!

A few months ago Melanie and I were invited to be part of the 2016 Rootstech Family Discovery Day. Our task was to come up with a super fun activity that the youth would love AND that would create some excitement about searching for the deceased.  We came up with a “Find-A-Grave” hunt.  The hunt was so successful that we had lots of youth leaders and stake family history experts stop and ask us for our handout so they could take the activity back to their youth groups, wards and families.

We decided to post the activity and worksheet here on our blog along with a few pointers on how you can do a similar activity.


Give everyone who will be participating the Find-A-Grave hunt a worksheet.  Explain that this is a timed activity. They will need to go onto and search for each name on their worksheet.  They then record the date they died, what invention they created and one simple fact {for instance where they were buried}. Whoever finishes first is the winner.


~ You can do this as teams, sharing cell phones at your ward building or home.

~You can do this as a scavenger hunt where you divide the youth into groups and as a team they drive with a leader to a designated house in the ward. There they hunt online for 3 of the graves. They then drive to another designated house and search for the other 3 graves. First team back to the chapel wins! *This is fun to include other families in your ward in the hunt when you use their computers. It’s a great way to get you ward family involved.

We would love to hear what fun things you have done to foster a love for Family History in your ward and family so we can post them on our blog.  Please email us at

xo, April