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Youth Cell Phone Signs

AirplaneModePicHi friends,
Any of us that teach youth know how awesome it can be, but that it also comes with many challenges. One particular challenge that I hear from just about everyone who teaches in a youth setting is the great Cell Phone Debate.  Cell phones are a HUGE part of our everyday lives, as well as the youth we teach.  So the question is, do electronics have a place in a church setting? How do you handle it in your wards? Today, I am not here to debate that question, rather, I am offering some help.

I have created two different sets of printables for you.  These are great to use in your classroom, during your activities, or even in the home for Family Home Evening or dinner time.

The first printable is a sign reminding the youth to set their phones in airplane mode.  When phones are in airplane mode, there is not the temptation to do things online, or to look at notifications.  This way, they can still look up scriptures and talks, but hopefully won’t be browsing social media. This option can help teach how to use your phones responsibly and teaches youth to be familiar with gospel apps. You can purchase this set here.

The second set / option is a sign requesting phones go into a basket.  I’ve heard many leaders say this works great for them.  Sometimes having a treat next to the basket and sign is an added incentive. Using this option eliminates the distraction of technology. This kit is available for purchase here.

Each kit comes with 5 different color options, and is available as an 8.5×11 sign, as well as 5×7.

CellBasketPicEach ward and each class is different, so prayerfully decide how to handle electronics in your classroom and during weekly activities. This article is a great resource regarding using electronics.  Take a minute and read it over.

Melanie B.

Teaching Tip: How to Organize a Lesson Plan

Planning a lesson can be an overwhelming task. There is so much content to choose from that it can be really difficult to know where to start…especially for young teachers.

My latest teaching tip will help you focus your study and jot down notes for all the key areas of a great lesson. Check out the video below to see how it works.


You can find the inexpensive printable lesson templates on the Sugardoodle Etsy shop. Click here to hop over and grab a copy for yourself.

May Come Follow Me – “How can a patriarchal blessing help me?”

PatriarchalBlessingBlogPic-03Hi friends,
I LOVE the Come Follow Me topic for May, “Prophets and Revelation.” It is so pertinent to us and to the youth!  I love the quote from sister Julie B. Beck, “The ability to qualify for, receive, and act on personal revelation is the single most important skill that can be acquired in this life. … It requires a conscious effort.”
Seriously. Take that in for a minute.  The SINGLE MOST IMPORTANT skill.  Is that powerful, or what!? I have often thought to myself several times regarding different social issues, “Self, I just wish the prophet would come out and tell us exactly how to deal with this.”  But really, isn’t that why we need to learn the skill of personal revelation?  It really is a skill that has to be practiced, and can differ greatly from one person to another.  We truly do have to develop the skill of learning how the spirit speaks to us.I love the personal guidance that patriarchal blessings give us and the direct form of revelation that it provides.  In this printable kit, I have included an interactive handout that is meant to be taken home (not done in class).  I had an institute instructor teach us to read our blessings line by line and break it down into 4 categories: Gifts, Counsel, Promises and Warnings.  Once you are done, keep it with your blessing as a quick reference guide and reminder.
Melanie B.

You can find the printable kit here.

Make sure to check here later in the week for additional May Come Follow Me lessons being added to the shop, as well as other Come Follow Me lesson printables.

Love Those You Teach: Get to know the teens in your class with this easy FREE printable

Whether you love to teach or dread it, holding a teaching calling is inevitable in our church. Here at Sugardoodle we’re going to focus our Monday posts on helping you tackle one of the hardest and most rewarding of all callings…being an influential teacher.

Teen teaching is particularly tricky. It’s often hard to get them warmed up enough to talk…let alone share something meaningful. Today I’m sharing a favorite tool for getting to know the students in my classes. This free printable questionnaire can help kick-start conversations and help you understand your class on an individual level.


You can find the FREE teen questionnaire printable by clicking the link below.

FREE Teen Questionnaire Printable (PDF with two size options)

3×4 Cards… Perfect for Gift Giving




I feel blessed to be Mom to my five daughters. I have spent many years being involved in YW and loving the girls of all ages and enjoying every moment of it. I also understand our kids (all of us really) are fighting tough battles and I think it helps to surround ourselves with messages of goodness whenever possible.

That is why I love these handy little 3×4 cards that can be attached to a card or a sweet treat to let them know you are thinking of them or they were missed from an activity. The cool thing is each design can be printed in 3×4, 4×6, 5×7, 8×10, 8.5×11, 11×14 too, making them perfect for framing and gift giving to help remind them of our Heavenly Father’s love for each of us. You can find the downloads in the Sugardoodle shop here.

Enjoy your day! Brenda