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Church releases a new coloring book for children


“Can you change the title to The Amazing Adventures of the Book of Mormon?” asked a young boy after coloring and engaging in the activities of the Book of Mormon scripture stories coloring book.

The first in an upcoming series of coloring books, the Scripture Stories Coloring Book: Book of Mormon is a new resource to help children gain a love for the people, stories, and teachings in the Book of Mormon.

“Helping our children to become familiar with these stories will build within them a lifelong love for the scriptures,” said Elder Larry R. Lawrence of the Seventy.

Designed to support family and individual scripture study, the 20-page coloring book includes look and find, dot-to-dot, mazes, and other fun activities. Each page also includes a search the scriptures challenge. For example, a coloring page about 1 Nephi 16 invites children to draw what the Liahona might look like and then asks, “How did the Liahona help Lehi’s family?”

Where to get the coloring book

The book is available on as a PDF, from which you can choose to print the entire book or individual pages. CLICK HERE to download a copy.

The 20‑page book includes coloring, dot‑to‑dot, mazes, and other fun activities for children ages 2–8. Each page also includes a challenge to search the scriptures.


As children explore the activities and color the illustrations, they’ll learn for themselves the truths found in the scriptures.

Printed copies will be available for 85 cents at and Distribution Services centers, Deseret Book, and other LDS booksellers.

Gospel teaching

This convenient resource is an easy way to interest and engage younger children in scripture stories. Each page provides activities and opportunities to search the scriptures, providing parents natural opportunities to talk about the scriptures with their children. As children explore the activities and color the illustrations, they’ll learn for themselves the truths found in the scriptures.

2016-03-19_0757Following are a few examples of how individuals and families have already used the coloring book:

• Family scripture study. The coloring book helps younger children engage in the scriptures in ways appropriate for their ages and attention spans. For example, parents can give the book to younger children to color while they read from the scriptures with older children.

• Correlates perfectly with this year’s Primary Theme, “I know the scriptures are true.”

• Family home evening and one-on-one teaching.

Parents can use the coloring pages to help tell a story from the scriptures or as an activity following a lesson. Inviting children to share what they learned from the page they colored or asking them to retell a story in their own words helps them remember what was taught. Using the search the scriptures question found on each page can prompt further discussion.

• Sabbath day. Simply setting out crayons and the coloring book encourages children to choose a fun and meaningful Sabbath day activity. Parents can use the examples in the coloring book to spark additional ideas for helping the Sabbath be a delight for their children.

Available translations

To support scripture study around the globe, the coloring book will eventually be translated in languages that have LDS editions of the scriptures. It is anticipated that the coloring book in Spanish, Portuguese, French, Japanese, Korean, Chinese (Traditional), German, Russian, and Italian will be available on near the end of March 2016, with copies of the printed book becoming available in May of 2016. Additional translations will follow in the coming years.

“The scriptures can be fun,” explained Elder Lawrence. “These activities teach them in their early years that they can find answers to their questions within the pages of the scriptures. After all, the scriptures are for everyone.”


Names of Christ Free Easter Printables

Hi, guys!  Today I’m sharing a fun idea to help make your family’s Easter more meaningful.  As a family of teenagers, our Easter looks a little different now than it used to.  Sadly, we have “aged out” of the egg hunts and some of the more traditional Easter activities, but I still really want to make it a special holiday for my family.  When I thought about how I could do that, I was inspired that the greatest gift I could give my children at this point in their lives – or at any age, really– is to know the Savior.  As they prepare to leave our home for college and missions, an intimate knowledge of who He is and what He can do in their lives will be the most important thing they can take with them. With that in mind, I created these “Names of Christ” printable study cards.

Names of Christ study cards -- in scriptures 750

Each card has a hand drawn chalk art design of one of Christ’s scriptural names on one side. On the back side is a scripture reference along with a story and/or quotes from our General Authorities that explain that name of Christ in a little more detail and hopefully sparks some thought or conversation. There are also questions or supplemental materials you can look up on for further thought and study. 

Names of Christ study cards -- packaged 750

This a wonderful way to keep the Savior in our daily thoughts and conversations in the week leading up to Easter, beginning on the Sunday before Easter and concluding on Easter itself. These cards can be studied as a family, perhaps as a discussion over dinner each evening, or individually in quiet study time.  With a little thought, many of them could be turned into interesting Family Home Evening Lessons or Youth devotionals.

Names of Christ study cards -- pre cut750

Simply print the pages double-sided {front and back} onto card stock and cut apart.  I chose to laminate my cards so they would hold up for a long time.  I made a set for each member of my family to tuck in their scriptures or keep on their bedside tables as a daily reminder of the things they have come to know about the Savior.  

Names of Christ study cards -- standing 750


Link to Black ‘Names of Christ’ Printable Cards

Link to Pastel ‘Names of Christ’ Printable Cards

Link to Watercolor ‘Names of Christ’ Printable Cards

Amy is: the “creative genius” behind My 3 Monsters by luck, a wife of one and mom of three by choice, an Arizonan by transplant, a decorator by education, an elementary school nurse by profession, a baker for sport, a sparkly things lover, and a jack of all trades.  She loves spending time with her crazy family and blogging at


Looking for fun ways for your family to honor the Sabbath? Try our Scripture Gumball Challenge. It’s fun and super easy.

In advance, grab some gumballs and a clear container. On Sunday, invite your family to join you for the Scripture Gumball Challenge. Go to Sugardoodle’s Book of Mormon online resource, you can find it on the homepage of Sugardoodle OR link here…


Once on the site, choose “People” from the side menu bar. Scroll down through the list of people and take turns having family members choose a person to share facts about.  For every two people that your family can give facts on, put a gumball in your container.

Start out with people all of you recognize, then progress onto people who you don’t know as well.  The more you learn about the unfamiliar people in the Book of Mormon the more challenging it becomes. You can check to see if your facts are correct by simply clicking on and then reading about each person.   When you have 30 GUMBALLS you get to have a fun family activity!

Remember…Studying the scriptures together can be a BALL!




Book of Mormon bookmark/tracker

6a00e54ece46d1883301b8d1a24b52970c-800wiThis year at church we are all studying the Book of Mormon.  Allison Kimball has made your life a bit easier by creating a tri-fold bookmark that breaks down the reading assignments throughout the year.  How cool is that?

Check it out and get your own copy ———>  HERE.