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Looking for fun ways for your family to honor the Sabbath? Try our Scripture Gumball Challenge. It’s fun and super easy.

In advance, grab some gumballs and a clear container. On Sunday, invite your family to join you for the Scripture Gumball Challenge. Go to Sugardoodle’s Book of Mormon online resource, you can find it on the homepage of Sugardoodle OR link here…

Google:  http://sugardoodle.bookofmormon.online/people

Once on the site, choose “People” from the side menu bar. Scroll down through the list of people and take turns having family members choose a person to share facts about.  For every two people that your family can give facts on, put a gumball in your container.

Start out with people all of you recognize, then progress onto people who you don’t know as well.  The more you learn about the unfamiliar people in the Book of Mormon the more challenging it becomes. You can check to see if your facts are correct by simply clicking on and then reading about each person.   When you have 30 GUMBALLS you get to have a fun family activity!

Remember…Studying the scriptures together can be a BALL!