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“Love One Another” Valentine printable


It’s Valentine’s Day this Sunday.  Want a fun printable to spread some love to a next door neighbor?  How about for a sister in the ward you visit?  Maybe a friend could benefit from you giving a little heart and a gospel message?  Or maybe it’s the family that could use a gentle reminder to love each other as the Savior has loved each one of us?  It’s my  first hand-painted and hand-lettered original, available in a digital download exclusive to the SugarDoodleShop. You can click HERE for purchase.

Note**** The printables I offer are to be printed on 8-1/2 X 11″ digital color print cardstock for best results and fit nicely in the “document” size frames, NOT an 8 X 10 frame.  Document size frames are widely available at craft or office supply stores, discount department stores, dollar stores and even my fave:  IKEA, if you are lucky to have one nearby!




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This guest post was submitted by Aimee Ferre. She grew up in the desert of East Mesa in Arizona, but married a mountain loving Utah boy. She currently lives in Sandy, Utah and is a mom to 3 daughters. She owns a small crafting business where she creates holiday decor and specializes in hand lettering. You can always find her creating new projects or planning gatherings for friends and family. Follow her on Instagram to see what is currently on her desk or find her at aimeeferre.com.


Valentine Surprise


I wanted to share with you one of my favorite ideas that I found on  Oh Happy Day.  It’s simple, easy and memorable, but I love most how it makes them feel when they open the box… loved! (and it isn’t a sweet treat which is good in this overloaded sugar world we live in). Can you tell it’s week two of my eating  clean and healthy?

Simply fill your favorite balloon(s) with helium (or just blow them up with air) and put inside of a box. Leave on porches, mail them to grandkids and loved ones. Perfect for not only Valentines, but birthdays & special days… Kids will love to play with them for days! Can’t find heart shaped balloons? No worries. Round ones make them feel just as special XOXO.

Have a wonderful Valentines Day. This is a good weekend to look around you and see who may need a lift of friendship with a visit, a phone call or a balloon.

Take care, Brenda

Awesomely-cheap printable Valentines from MeckMom

I really hate store-bought valentines. They’re overpriced and never come in the right quantities. Plus, they’re ridiculously-generic and lame. If I’m going to spend my night helping my kids create cards for their ’28 closest friends’, I want it to be something they’re excited to pass out at school…something that will make them stand out. At the same time, as a mom of six, I need something cheap and mass-producible. In other words, I skip the stores and make my own.

Every year I add a few new budget-friendly valentines to my shop. This year I have a Princess-lover and several Star Wars fans in the house. My goal was to be able to buy one type of candy in bulk that would work for all of them. The end result…the cutest Laffy Taffy Rope valentines you’ve ever seen. Ok, maybe they’re the only Laffy Taffy Rope valentines you’ve ever seen…but still. Aren’t these adorable?

MeckMom Valentine Crown

Valentine Light Saber 2

Creating them is super-simple. Just grab your favorite instant download from my MeckMom.com shop and then print as many copies as you need on white cardstock. From there, you simply fold on the dotted lines, cut on the solid lines and then attach them to the candy with hot glue. You can whip out dozens of cool valentines in no time.

Want to see for yourself? Watch this quick video tutorial on YouTube.

[embedyt] http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=a2h7gPs0vtg[/embedyt]

There are several others in my shop as well. All of my best-sellers from previous years are available for instant download for only $3.95. Here’s a quick pin-able list of some of my favorites for my fellow Pinterest lovers…

MeckMom Valentine Pinterest

Every valentine in my shop is on sale for only $3.95 through this weekend. So click here to visit the Valentine section of my new shop and stock up. Happy Valentines Day everyone!

MeckMom Headshot This guest post was submitted by Maria Eckersley. Maria is a stay-at-home mom of six by day and a sleep-deprived graphic designer by night. You can find more of her ideas and printables on her new site MeckMom.com or in her Etsy shop .

Valentine’s Minute to Win It

If there is a game our family enjoys, it is minute to win it.  We’ve played many versions of this game and loved them all.

Stacy Julian has come up with a FUN Valentine-style version of the game.  This would be a great activity for Family Home Evening or as part of a class activity at school (any room mom’s out there?)

What You Need (for each child or family member):

1. One print out
2. 16 Valentine M&Ms
3. One Red Vine
4. One mini box of Nerds candy
5. One Hershey Chocolate Kiss

For instructions and the download, hop on over to Stacy’s blog a grab your copy. ENJOY!!!