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The ultimate printable song book for Girls Camp

In addition to teaching Gospel Doctrine in my home ward I also have the fabulous job of planning camp for 25 young women this summer. Before I planned a single meal or even decided on a theme, I set my sights on one simple task…creating the perfect printable camp song book.

MM Camp Song Book 1 750x750-01

I’m a big believer in camp songs. I know they seem cheesy and dated but I whole-heartedly believe that teaching a group of girls to embrace ridiculousness for a few minutes has huge power. It loosens them up and helps them let go of their cliques and enjoy a little YW unity.

Of course none of this works if the songs themselves are lame. Kumbuya just won’t do it. You need songs with attitude and spunk. In this book I’ve kept many of the classics like Sippin’ Cider, the Princess Pat and The Banana Song (shown here)


but I’ve also added a few fun new songs like this great YW song set to the melody of ‘Cups’.


In addition to the fun and crazy songs, I’ve also included the lyrics to several hymns so you’ll be all set for devotionals and testimony meetings.

Remember, if any of the songs in the book are unfamiliar, you can find most of the actions and melodies by searching their titles on YouTube (or watching MeckMom.com in the coming weeks).

MM Camp Song Book open 750x750-01-01-01-01

You can find the fabulous printable song books in the Sugardoodle Etsy Shop. Purchase once for only $4.95 and print as many copies as you need for your ward. Click here to find out more. Happy Camping, everyone!

Girls Camp Pillow Treat Printable Tags

Hi friends,
Summer is here, which means Girls Camp is right around the corner!  I’m sure some of us are in full blown planning (aka panic) mode.  Am I right?!  Have no fear, I am here to ease some stress for you.
LDS YW Girls Camp Pillow Treat Tags
Does your ward do pillow treats, or tuck-in treats?  The idea is to give each girl a little treat on her pillow or sleeping bag before bed. With all of you in mind, I have created these super fun Pillow Treat Printable Tags.  These colorfully retro tags can be used as pillow treats, or can be used to give out during devotionals.  They also can work great as secret sister gifts. There are 24 different tags to choose from and include a variety of options for treats, including some healthier options.  I also love that some of the quotes are fun, and others are more spiritual in nature.  You can choose to buy the tags individually, or choose one of the packages for BIG savings.  I have even created an Ultimate Bundled Kit that includes all 24 tags at a super discounted price! The bundled package works perfect for Stake Leaders! No matter what you are looking for I have just what you are looking for!  And you are in luck, because I am offering all you readers a free pillow treat printable tag with the purchase of 3!  Just use coupon code SDFREE at checkout.

PillowTreatsListing-01Want to win some of these beauties? I have a GIVEAWAY going on over on my SageWood Ave. FB page, as well as Instagram  @sagewood_ave_designs. Check it out for a chance to win the girls camp Ultimate Bundled Kit!

I hope this helps with your Girls Camp planning!

Melanie B.

Wizard of Oz – ‘There’s No Place Like Home’ Free Printables

Last year, our YW leaders did the most amazing YW in Excellence centered on the Wizard of Oz theme, ‘There’s No Place Like Home’. This past weekend, I overheard some YW leaders discussing their new camp theme ‘There’s No Place Like Camp’ and realized how fun this theme could be for virtually any YW activity.

It seems like Pinterest agrees. One quick search this morning and I found hundreds of ideas.

Screen Shot 2016-02-29 at 11.42.27 AM

Today, I thought I’d share a few of the fun printables I created to go along with the theme. You can use them to decorate your girls camp, jazz up your refreshment table at YW in Excellence or liven up your next New Beginnings. The possibilities are endless.

Cupcake Topper Pic Wizard of Oz-01

MeckMom Wizard of Oz Cupcake Toppers

These printables are FREE to Sugardoodle Blog followers. However, they will expire in just seven short days (thru March 7th)! After that, they will be moved to the Sugardoodle Shop (along with their accompanying posters and invitations).  So go ahead, grab these awesome freebies while you can.

MeckMom Wizard of Oz Sample Decorations on Wood GRAND-01

MeckMom Wizard of Oz Decoration Set

Link to: There’s No Place Like Home Cupcake Toppers
Link to: There’s No Place Like Home Pennant Banner
Link to: There’s No Place Like Home Water Bottle Wraps
Link to: There’s No Place Like Home YW Value Tents

MeckMom HeadshotThis guest post was submitted by Maria Eckersley. Maria is a stay-at-home mom of six by day and a sleep-deprived graphic designer by night. You can find more of her ideas and printables on her new site MeckMom.com or in her Etsy shop .