Pioneer Children Song

Here is a cute (and simple) idea for teaching the song, “Pioneer Children Sang as they Walked“.

Items needed:

– a rectangular laundry basket
– items one might find in a pioneer handcart (clothing, food, dishes, etc.)
– doll (to represent the people that might have to ride in the cart)

To introduce the song, hold up each item before putting it in the cart (basket) and ask them why each item is necessary.  Tell them that the pioneers couldn’t bring a lot of things because they needed to be able to push their carts a long, long way.  So the only things they took were essentials.

Choose three or four children to push (walk) the cart around the room while the song is being sung.  (Create a clear walkway for them before Primary begins so you have more time to sing.)

It’s easy to sing it multiple times because the children will all want a turn.  🙂

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