How To Embed General Conference On Your Blog

lds-general-conference-embedAs always, General Conference this year was a treat!

I thoroughly enjoyed being able to learn from our wonderful brothers and sisters who help lead this church by inspiration. My wife recently challenged me to listen to one conference talk per day, as a way to learn from and apply general conference messages. I can’t say I’ve done perfectly with the challenge, but I can definitely attest to the blessings of studying General Conference.

Recently as I’ve been making tons of video players (about people, LDS missions, health conditions, etc.), I’ve been thinking- wouldn’t it be cool to create a video player to make it easier to share General Conference with others?

So I created an embeddable video player to do that.

Simply paste this code:

<iframe width=”670″ height=”834″ src=”” frameborder=”0″ allowfullscreen></iframe>

into a blog post (HTML text) on your website, and all of The Church’s official General Conference YouTube talks will appear on your site.

Anyway, I hope it’s helpful!

Happy listening and watching!

~Alex Balinski (founder of The Lifey Project and Prepare to Serve)


* All the videos are from The Church’s LDS General Conference YouTube Channel.

* Browse all six sessions of General Conference by clicking on the side scroll buttons.

* Feel free to comment below your favorite talk from April 2017 General Conference!




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