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GraceIsSufficientBlogPic-01Hi friends!
Today I have a beautiful printable for you. But we can be honest here, right? Okay…here goes. This was not what I was planning on sharing with you. In fact, I had a completely different printable ready to share, was about to hit publish and WHAM! Was hit with a full-blown melt down, panic attack. Yep. True story. Ugly cry and all.

What was the madness behind the tears? Well for starters, I was having computer issues, which always induces some form of panic. But I was also slammed in the face with this all-consuming, awful feeling of inadequacy. You know what I speak of, yes? This little (sometimes huge) voice in my head was telling me that what I have to offer isn’t good enough, that it won’t matter and that I am wasting my time. I wish I could say this is the first time this has ever happened to me, but I’ll be honest and say that this is a battle that I have fought many (many, many) times. When I was in my younger years, this little voice would nearly cripple me from accomplishing just about anything. However, I feel like I have come a long way in battling this demon, but once in a blue moon, it sneaks up on me and rears its ugly head. It frustrates me to no end when I have these feelings, because I swear its something that I have overcome or somehow conquered. But then it pops right back up, usually un-announced, un-invited, and definitely not welcomed. So what did I do? I slammed my computer shut, drew a bath and decided to call it a night.

Even though I really did not want to (honesty, right?) I knelt down for prayer. I was almost instantly reminded of this month’s Come Follow Me lesson on Grace and the scripture found in Ether 12:27 that speaks about Christ’s grace being sufficient to turn our weaknesses into strengths. I love what Elder Ucthdorf says about grace, “Another element of God’s grace is the opening of the windows of heaven, through which God pours out blessings of power and strength, enabling us to achieve things that otherwise would be far beyond our reach. Throughout our lives, God’s grace bestows temporal blessings and spiritual gifts that magnify our abilities and enrich our lives. His grace refines us. His grace helps us become our best selves.”  So not only can I apply grace in spiritual matters, but I can apply it in my day to day temporal needs.  I can use grace to get that voice out of my head tells me I’m not enough.  Grace can stretch what I have to offer into much more than I think I have to give.
GraceIsSufficient2-01I decided that I needed to create a printable to help me (and maybe you) remind me that His grace is sufficient to help me be the best version of myself. And as Brad Wilcox states, “The grace of Christ is sufficient—sufficient to cover our debt, sufficient to transform us, and sufficient to help us as long as that transformation process takes.”

Get this 8×10 and 5×7 printable here. This printable coordinates with the Come Follow Me lesson helps that is available here in the Sugardoodle Shop.

Melanie B.

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