Like many of you, I have made my fair share of goals in life.  I’ve been a pretty goal-oriented person.  I was reading through some of my teenage journals and found my goals for my future self, husband and children.

It was fun reading over my initial goals and evaluating where I am now.  Making goals is the easy part.  Making them come to fruition is much harder.

A while back I made a goal for myself that seemed so unattainable.  I had doubts even starting out that I could do it.  However, moments and hours and days add up and I slowly made progress, which was exciting.  Like clockwork and many times before, I also stumbled and became discouraged.

Normally at this point I would give myself permission to give up on my goal (whatever it was) and move on as I was before.  However, I came to appreciate this quote by Thomas S. Monson when he said…

I then found myself doing something I had rarely done before.  Getting up and trying again.  Not giving myself permission to quit.  Requiring more of myself.

Instead, I prayed for additional help to get through that moment…hour….day.  Because with the help of our Father in Heaven, we “can do all things.”  Whatever your goal – Don’t give up!  


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