2017 LDS YW New Beginnings Printables

2017 LDS YW New Beginnings Printables
Hi friends,
Today I wanted to show you a few ways to use our ADORABLE Young Women Printables!  These printables can be used in SO many ways! You can find all of our printables here in our Etsy Shop.

2017 LDS YW New BeginningsI absolutely LOVE the theme for this year, and know that it truly is inspired!  This Main Theme Poster is PERFECT to display to help set the tone for your event.  The best part of this poster is that it is available to download for FREE here.


YW2017-Pic3I LOVE this scripture and design!  This sign comes in lots of convenient sizes, so you can have it large, or shrink it down for handouts to give to the young women!


2017 LDS YW New Beginnings2017 LDS YW New Beginnings
2017 LDS YW New Beginnings

2017 LDS YW New BeginningsAll of these printables are the PERFECT way to carry and tie in this theme throughout your event, and your Young Women will LOVE them!

Melanie B.
SageWood Ave. Designs

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