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Mother’s Day “Hugs & Kisses” Primary Gift for Moms!

Looking for a cute but simple gift to have your Primary children give their moms?  Try our Mother’s Day “Hugs and Kisses” instant download kit.  I recently did this with 8 Cub Scouts and they loved it. We also made a Grandma version because Grandmas need to be celebrated too!


You can purchase this Mother’s Day instant download kit in our Etsy shop HERE:

Or you can purchase our Mother’s Day “ROYAL TREATMENT” Lesson and Coupons HERE:

Screen Shot 2016-04-22 at 9.23.48 AM

Happy Mother’s Day! xo April

Celebrate Mom


Mother’s Day is just around the corner. How will you celebrate your Mom and the other women in your life?  And don’t forget… it’s your day too! Today I thought I would share a little something we are making at Pebbles in my Pocket to help the day feel extra special. Many of the creative ideas are available as ready to go gifts and DIY Kits…Banners, handmade cards, treat containers and flower arrangements (instore and  Or use these pictures for inspiration and use the paper you have on hand. Happy creating!

Take care, Brenda

Printable General Conference Quotes – April 2016

GeneralConferencePics-01Hi friends,
Didn’t you just love General Conference!  I sure did!  In full disclosure, I was not able to listen to all of it during conference.  With three little active boys, I listened the best I could without making it a non-pleasant experience for all parties involved.  We sure are blessed to be able to listen to conference right from our phones! It has been a life-saver for me.  I have been listening and re-listening to the talks given and sure have felt inspired to do better and be better.
I decided to go thru all the apostles talks and make a printable for each talk that would help me remember what they taught.  I made them in a handy little size, (3×3) that I can place around different areas that I frequent (aka – Fridge, pantry, cupboards and car).  This way, for the next six months, I have a visual reminder of what talk I can turn to when struggling with whatever I might be struggling with.  If I am feeling like a “lost sheep,” I can remember the words from President Uchtdorf.  If struggling with a decision to make, I have a visual of what the prophet has taught. If wanting to learn more about Priesthood Power, I know that I can listen / read Elder Stevenson’s talk.  I am hoping that this will help me turn more fully to the words of the living prophets when faced with my daily struggles, and hope they will help you, too.


Melanie B.

You can download the free printable HERE.
Each quote is 3×3.  There are 6 quotes per 8.5×11 page.

A Scripture in Bright Lights



I mean really, who doesn’t love Heidi Swapp and all her products that make our family and friend gatherings, journals and special creations just that much more beautiful and personal?  And she’s got this new light box (found HERE) with letters and icons to create special messages that light up important text.  The picture above is from a recent blog post  from Heidi found HERE.

But my point in sharing.  You know how there are things you just want your kids or your grandkids to know?  I want them to learn certain messages, and I try teach them those messages, but sometimes you just can’t preach.  “Choose the Right” has been sung in Primary for many years, I remember those words well.  I remember my mom saying to my older sister as she walked out the door to leave with a friend for her family camping trip , “Remember who you are and what you stand for!”  I saw Heidi’s light box the other day and thought how great it would be to display a simple scripture reference.  Just the reference.  If they don’t already know what it says, I’m pretty sure the curiosity will tug at their scriptures and their hearts.  They’ll just have to go look it up because the urge to know, just won’t stop.  And then to find out it says something like, “I make weak things become strong.”  Ether 12:27 or  “Peace I leave with you, my peace I give unto you: not as the world giveth, give I unto you.  Let not your heart be troubled, neither let it be afraid.” John 14:27.  How perfect is that?

Thank you Heidi for letting me share a bit of you today!


AimeeFerreSignature vector-01

AimeeFerre profileThis guest post was submitted by Aimee Ferre. She grew up in the desert of East Mesa in Arizona, but married a mountain loving Utah boy. She currently lives in Sandy, Utah and is a mom to 3 daughters. She owns a small crafting business where she creates holiday decor and specializes in hand-lettering. You can always find her creating new projects or planning gatherings for friends and family. Follow her on Instagram to see what is currently on her desk or find her blog at


Heaven is Cheering Us On FREE



Conference Weekend may have passed, but I am remembering the words that have stayed with me… that literally spoke to my soul. I am trying to walk 5 miles each day and try to get at least three of those miles in the morning. Usually I give up by day 2, but this time, I have my Conference Podcasts and my Scriptures on Audio and I have looked forward to MY TIME  for two days now… I am sensing a good habit. This morning I listened to Elder Holland’s talk again and cried as I walked. Crazy huh? When Elder Holland spoke on Sunday Afternoon, I found myself feeling the spirit so strongly. We can do this! We can do hard things. We can be thankful for our blessings. We can help one another on our journey back to our Heavenly Father. I can feel heaven cheering. Please feel free to download this quote for free this week. I hope you enjoy it and place it somewhere in your home to be enjoyed by your family… framed on a wall, taped to a bathroom mirror, child’s room, etc. You can find it here 

Have a wonderful week!  Brenda

Easy and inexpensive Primary birthday gift printable

Once I posted these little darlings in the shop, I knew they would be irresistible. What Primary teacher could stay away from such a perfect little treat wrapped in a ‘scripture-themed’ package?

MM SD CG Scrip Are True Nerds 2 1000x1000-01

Now, the adorable design has been adapted for full-size Nerds boxes as well. This printable gift is the perfect way to wish your primary kids a happy birthday and remind them about the sweetness found inside their scriptures.

Jumbo Bday Nerds 2-01

The best part about these little gifts is that they’re storage-friendly. You could make dozens of them while you have your next presidency meeting and then store them in the Primary closet all year.

Jumbo Bday Nerds 3-01

The printables print three to a page so you for $3.50 (plus candy and paper expenses) you can make countless little boxes of joy. You can find both the large, happy birthday printable and the smaller, primary theme printable in the Sugardoodle Etsy Shop.

Need some tips on making these fast? Click here to see a short video tutorial on how to assemble all of MeckMom’s cute candy grams.

Jumbo Bday Nerds1-01