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This Month’s Visiting Teaching Kit Is Something To BUZZ About!

I love bees!  Whether it’s Burt’s Bees for my chapped lips, my dessert plates with their embossed bees or our beloved President Hinckley’s 6 B’s. There are just so many reasons to love bees. Their work ethic, loyalty, gentle nature plus their complete dedication to making our world a little sweeter. That’s why this month’s Visiting Teaching kit is my favorite!  It helps sweeten the lives of our sisters and inspires them to “BEE” covenant keepers in such fun and fresh ways, which is something to “BUZZ” about!

Screen Shot 2016-06-02 at 7.38.21 AM

Here are a few items and ideas you’ll find in this month’s kit…

Visiting Teaching Message and   with a “Testimony card” – my favorite part!

IDEA:  Share your testimony of how making and keeping temple covenants has blessed your life and given you strength and power during your trials. Isn’t this what it’s all about??   Share our  “BEE a covenant keeper” lip balm holder and lip balm wrapper:

HOLDER:   Simply score/cut along the horizontal dotted lines and insert a stick of chapstick through the loop!

WRAPPER:  Just cut out and tape around a tube of chapstick for a daily, cute reminder! Works perfectly with the holder or on its own!

Screen Shot 2016-06-02 at 7.38.56 AM

You can purchase this kit here:


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Screen Shot 2016-06-02 at 7.39.11 AM


Screen Shot 2016-06-02 at 7.38.41 AM


Elder Ballard quote bookmark  – “Chew”-sing quote card – Place any chewable gum or candy on the dot. A great lil’ handout!

3 x 5 inch recipe card for Orange Creamsicle Popsicles  – ‘Tis the season for refreshing      popsicles and these are heavenly!!

“BEE” contact card Suggestion: include a couple of honey sticks!

D&C 25:13 gift tag –  Works great tied around a honey bear, but you could attach it to anything

1 inch magnet/bottle cap circles, 2 designs

Have a great time with your sisters and Visiting Teaching this month!

xo, April


Start a New Summer Tradition…Game Night!

YEA! Summer is here so instead of spending your evenings on homework, it’s time for some family games!  To mix things up a bit and to create some happy vibes in your home, add some novelty by playing your board games outside – in the dark with flashlights!  This will bring a whole new meaning to the word “GAME NIGHT!” Plus, you’ll be increasing your families’ happy juices and here’s why….

A study out of New York shared that when people inject novelty into their relationships by doing new and unique things together, their brains release dopamine – the “feel good” chemical.  Doing unique things together as a family not only makes fun memories but it also makes for happier kids and for more love at home.   So grab a blanket, some snacks, a board game and some flashlights or lanterns and PLAY!


Consider making your summer Family Home Evenings – gospel game nights.  Grab one of your favorite faith based games and head outside.  Learning the gospel should be fun and enlightening and it will be with your flashlights shining and their faces grinning.  Also, think about making a new summer tradition called the SGN {Sunday Game Night}.  Simply make a “SGN” sign and place it in your house for your family to see on the day of game night.  SGN can stand for “Sunday Game Night” or “Summer Game Night.”  When you post the sign it will create a little anticipation in your kids for what’s in store for them that night!


Pie Face, Connect 4, Ticket To Ride, Code Names, Catan, Pandemic Board Game, Let’s Go Fishin’, Wet Head Game, Hedbanz, Bounce Off, Hungry Hungry Hippos.


Armor of God, Bibleopoly, S.W.A.T {Scripture Study With a Twist}, BIble Taboo, Journey To The Promised Land, Spy It and Noah’s Arkle.  You can pick up some of these games at a local Deseret Book or we offer some of them online in our store.





Finding the Perfect Teacher Gift

Hunting for the right teacher gift can be hard – – this year let us make it easy!


Screen Shot 2016-05-05 at 12.50.29 PM

We researched what 50 teachers said they wanted and combined two of their top responses…

A HAND WRITTEN NOTE OF APPRECIATION about the positive impact that they have made on your child was one of their top responses, but DON’T stop there.  Teachers also added that sending a note to the school principal complimenting them as teachers, makes it even better.

Teaching is often a thankless job so a touching card can say so much.   Expressing your heartfelt appreciation for how they have taught, loved and guided your child will be so appreciated.  Hearing praise from their principal sweetens it even more.

A SMALL MEANINGFUL GIFT was also on the top of their list.  Something that shows that you have noticed the impact they have had on your child.

We took all three things into consideration when we made our “Thank You For Guiding Me” Kit:

Download our FREE printable for your teacher and principal HERE!

PURCHASE our “Thank You For Guiding Me Necklace” HERE!





His Story Was Like My Story – It’s Probably Your Story Too

There are so many things that I have loved sharing with my children, especially the love I have for the temple. So this past year as my son has been gearing up for his mission, I started hunting for different books and articles to help him prepare for the temple.  Late one night while searching on the web I discovered LDS Symbol Cards. I spent a few hours learning about the cards and reading articles about symbols and their ability to teach us.  I shared what I had discovered with my husband and within a few days we had two packs of cards in our house.

What the cards have taught me {short version}… We often hear the words “PREPARE FOR THE TEMPLE.”  We know this means, “stay clean and live worthily so you can go to the temple” but I have come to understand that those words also mean that we should prepare our minds to learn the language that is spoken in the temple. So much of what we learn there is taught to us symbolically, learning to think in terms of symbols is a great learning aid and opens our minds and hearts to greater understanding.


This week I contacted Steve Reed who created the cards and asked him to share his story. His story was like mine and probably many of you.  He wanted to help prepare his children for the temple but because the temple is so sacred and because many of the books are geared for an older demographic, it was difficult to find resources that his children could understand and relate to so they could be prepared.

In Steve’s Words…

“It has been a passion of mine to help people prepare for the temple, especially my four daughters.  Starting with a pen and cardstock, I made a set of symbol cards that I would use like flash cards to teach my girls about symbols and their potential meanings.  I wanted them to be familiar with various achetypes and motifs so that when they see a circle, square, hexagram, number or color, they will also be thinking of themes, doctrines, and principles that they are commonly associated with.  My goal is to have my children experience the temple for the first time with a familiarity and understanding brought about by a strong foundation based in the understanding of symbolism”

Screen Shot 2016-04-28 at 8.33.19 AM

Screen Shot 2016-04-28 at 7.01.17 AM

HOW TO TAKE A TEMPLE SYMBOL HUNT:  Plan a visit to your local temple. Prior to going, introduce your family or the youth to the temple symbol cards and the concept of learning with symbols. Once there, pass out a few of the symbol cards to each child or group along with paper and pencils.  Instruct them to reverently walk around the exterior of temple hunting for symbols that they have on their cards.  When they discover a symbol that matches a card, they quickly read about the potential meanings that the symbol is trying to convey. This helps them think about the symbols potential spiritual significance. Next, have them draw the symbol as this helps them interact with the symbol.  After a designated time, they can exchange cards and continue hunting for more symbols.  Take a little time at the end for them to share what they have learned, discovered and felt.

Screen Shot 2016-04-28 at 7.11.26 AMThanks Steve for sharing with us your symbol cards so that we can help our children be better prepared  for the temple.