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#LIGHTtheWORLD: Christmas-in-a-Box Free Printable Kit from Brightly Street

Christmas is a time to spread the love of our Savior and that is why we are helping spread the word about the campaign called #LIGHTtheWORLD.  This is all about finding simple ways to serve others.  So Sugardoodle has teamed up with some amazing bloggers who have created free printable kits to help you spread kindness to those around you.

Melia at Brightly Street has come up with a Christmas in a Box kit for you to use.  This free printable kit can be sent to someone who is away for the holidays or can just cheer up a friend. It would be fun to make as family too.  Here is Melia with more info about her printables:

All of the instructions and printables are completely FREE to use, however you will not find them here on Sugardoodle.  Instead we have shared them with some fabulous LDS bloggers and site owners who have each taken these printables and used them in their own way.  You can find them by visiting the #LIGHTtheWORLD main page and clicking on one of the supporting site links.  This list is growing daily, so check back often!

free printable from Brightly Street
The #LIGHTtheWORLD campaign continues throughout the whole month of December starting with a Worldwide Day of Service on Decebmer 1, 2016.  Isn’t it wonderful to know that so many others will be sharing the love of our Savior all around the world?  Be sure to join in by looking for little opportunities to help others.  Encourage others to join in by sharing these free printable kits and using the hashtag #LIGHTtheWORLD on social media.  Also, don’t forget to share the video all about this uplifting initiative.

We are so grateful to Melia at Brightly Street for sharing her talents and creating these free printables!  Merry Christmas!


#LIGHTtheWORLD: Dinner on Your Doorstep Free Printable Kit from Pink Cake Plate

We hope by now you’ve heard about the #LIGHTtheWORLD Christmas campaign and are finding ways to help others.   Sugardoodle has partnered with some creative bloggers to bring you free printable kits to aid you in your service.  Each blogger has created their own free kit of printable supplies for you.

Laura at Pink Cake Plate has designed a Dinner on Your Doorstep free printable kit to make taking dinner to someone else easy and cute.  You could take a whole meal or just a sweet treat to someone in need.  Get the whole family involved in this service activity!

All of the instructions and printables are completely FREE to use, however you will not find them here on Sugardoodle.  Instead we have shared them with some fabulous LDS bloggers and site owners who have each taken these printables and used them in their own way.  You can find them by visiting the #LIGHTtheWORLD main page and clicking on one of the supporting site links.  This list is growing daily, so check back often!

free printable service kit
We hope these free printables will inspire you to find ways to serve your neighbors, friends, and family.  The #LIGHTtheWORLD campaign is all about spreading kindness in whatever way you can.  It starts December 1, 2016 with a Worldwide Service Day.  Taking dinner to someone would be a wonderful way to share the love of our Savior.

Please help us spread the word about these printable kits on your social media.  Also, don’t forget to use the hashtag #LIGHTtheWORLD and share the video.  Tweet, pin, and post about the goodness to help inspire others.  Let kindness light the world this Christmas season!

A big thank you to Laura at Pink Cake Plate for taking the time to create this fun dinner kit!



#LIGHTtheWORLD: Brown Paper Packages Free Printable Kit from Polka Dot Poplars

We are excited to share with you a Free Printable service kit as part of the #LIGHTtheWORLD Christmas campaign.  Sugardoodle has teamed up with some fabulous bloggers to help spread the word and supply you with some beautiful printables to help you and your family serve someone else.

This free Christmas printable kit was created by a mother and daughter team at Polka Dot Poplars.  They came up with the idea of brown paper packages to represent the humble gifts that Christ has given us.  It’s also reminiscent of the song My Favorite Things and reminds us that WE are one of HIS favorite things.  These printables can be used to cheer someone up in a variety of ways.  Here’s a video explanation from the ladies at Polka Dot Poplars.

All of the instructions and printables are completely FREE to use, however you will not find them here on Sugardoodle.  Instead we have shared them with some fabulous LDS bloggers and site owners who have each taken these printables and used them in their own way.  You can find them by visiting the #LIGHTtheWORLD main page and clicking on one of the supporting site links.  This list is growing daily, so check back often!


We hope these free kits will help you bring the light of Christ to those around you.  The idea is to find a way to serve others, no matter how big or small.  Share these printable kits on your social media and spread the goodness with others.  Be sure to use the hashtag #LIGHTtheWORLD as well as share the video to help spread the beautiful message of bringing kindness to others.

Thank you Polka Dot Poplars for this creative kit!  And remember to share all you can (tweet/pin/post) to spread His light to all the world!



The Relief Society Declaration: Just Be Good and Do Good


Etsy RS DeclarationI loved the time I spent serving in the Young Women’s organization.  During the YW opening exercises, we would recite the Young Women’s Theme before breaking off into our individual classes.  There is power in those words, and to recite it as a unified group of Young Women and leaders, would often times bring me to tears.  It always reminded me of my present purpose in life and my future potential that the Lord not only hopes for me, but expects of me, and all of his daughters worldwide.

I have since been called to serve in the Relief Society organization.  It’s been a few years since I have been present in these adult women meetings, and I have to admit, it’s been an equally inspiring experience.  I’ve been wanting to hand-letter the Relief Society Declaration for several months.  After all, it’s the basically the Relief Society Theme.  I feel so many expectations of me in the world today.  In talking to women of the church, we often times share in our feelings that we must have a a glamorous career AND be a full time mom with perfectly dressed children that take music lessons and play at least 3 sports, in addition to accepting and magnifying a couple church callings.  And then there is the pressure I feel to make a perfect meal everynight that includes something to the effect of sautéed kale with herbed quinoa and marinated grilled chicken breast on an ivory platter with a flax linen napkin draped on the side as the sun is setting in the kitchen window?  Who knows why that has become a standard in my head, I don’t do it. Like ever. We eat very simple around here.  And my husband generally is the cook.  But there is still the hope that I may someday get the dinner routine thing down where I rotate my food storage and have meals planned for the month, using the same produce for multiple meals so nothing rots in the fridge.  I try to run every morning, and I use the term “run” very loosely.  It’s more like an out of breath jog.  Um, well, a light jog.  Okay so my daughter says it’s more like a brisk walk.  Let’s just say I don’t tag Lululemon in my IG photos.  But often times there is guilt in that department as well.  We can’t be everything to everyone.  We can’t do everything all the time.  But we can do small things with great love, to quote Mother Teresa.  We can go to the temple, read our scriptures, pray often, and then whatever time is left, just do good and be good.  Use the Relief Society Declaration as your framework for your days.  We understand that we all have different talents to share as we serve.  We all have something we do well, and we serve even better when we use those talents.  But don’t let someone else’s little perfect square pictures on your smart phone (AKA someone else’s strongest talent and strength) be your standard of measurement for you.  Keep in mind for the rest of this post, events and hand-lettering are my greatest strengths.  I wish I was a fast runner, a healthy cook, more organized and prioritized more of my time for noble volunteer work.  But I’m going to focus on my strengths, so you do that too!

1RS Birthday Cake3-01

Tiered birthday cake by Annie Larrabee of @annie_bee_cakery

For our RS Birthday Celebration this year, we focused on the RS Motto and Declaration.  It was a “going back to the roots of Relief Society” kind of evening.  We entitled it “Glorious Women and Their Stories.”   The Relief Society Declaration was the framework for the entire evening.  We chose women who represented the 9 different points of the Declaration, and had them share their personal stories.  During my remarks, I shared the talk by Sister Patricia Holland entitled One Thing is Needful:  Becoming Women of Greater Faith in Christ  .  One of the best reads of all time, for all women, everywhere, of all faiths.  It reminds us to have a strong faith in our Savior and then beyond that, just be the best we can be using the talents we have been given.  We must work on letting go of the impossible expectations.  Love you Sister Holland, and the honesty you share in your messages.

1RS Birthday Table1

On the tables to represent the “Glorious Women and their Stories” we had clusters of the old Reader’s Digest books, potted flowers to create a little garden and Willow Tree figurines of women.


1RS Birthday Table11-01 1RS Birthday Table10-01 1RS Birthday Table9-01 1RS Birthday Table8-01 1RS Birthday Table7-01 1RS Birthday Table4-01 1RS Birthday Table3-01   
1 RS Birthday Table5

You can find the Relief Society Declaration on the official church’s website HERE or a hand-painted signed print as pictured above available in my Etsy shop HERE or the 8.5 X 11 digital file is available HERE.  Also available in the shop are downloads in 11X14 sizes, 4 up per 8.5 X 11 page, and a 16X20″ poster size.

As Sisters in Zion group hugs,

AimeeFerreSignature vector-01

AimeeFerre profile

This guest post was submitted by Aimee Ferre. She grew up in the desert of East Mesa in Arizona, but married a mountain loving Utah boy. She currently lives in Sandy, Utah and is a mom to 3 daughters. She owns a small crafting business where she creates holiday decor and specializes in hand-lettering. You can always find her creating new projects or planning gatherings for friends and family. Follow her on Instagram to see what is currently on her desk or find her blog at

#Hallelujah: A FREE hand-painted Easter kit from Heidi Swapp

Sugardoodle has partnered with six fantastic artists to help promote the 2016 Easter video, Hallelujah (launching 3/13/2016 at Each of our artists have created their own free kit of printable Easter supplies for your family to enjoy.

Our third gorgeous Easter kit is from the lovely Heidi Swapp of Heidi has lent her phenomenal handwriting to this beautiful series of Christ-centered nested envelopes. Here is a quick video from Heidi chatting about why she created this delightful kit.


All of the printables and instructions are completely FREE however you won’t find them here on Sugardoodle. Instead, we’ve shared them with some of our favorite LDS bloggers and site owners. They’ve each put their own spin on Heidi’s creations and posted all the FREE printables on their own sites. You can find them by visiting the #Hallelujah main page and clicking on one of the Supporting Site links. The list launched yesterday and is growing daily so be sure to check back often.


We love the Easter season and all it represents. We hope this series of free posts and printables will help your family get a little closer to the Savior and to each other over the next few weeks.

Please reach out on social media platforms and share our kit maker’s creations with others. Don’t forget to use the hashtag #hallelujah so you can help promote the beautiful message of the video on your own feeds.

We want to give a big thank you to Heidi for her thoughtful kit, the supporting site owners for reposting all her hard work, and to you for posting/pinning/tweeting about them. Happy Easter everyone!

Loving Others… When It Isn’t Pretty

There are times when loving others asks a lot of us. When our own hearts are broken because of the choices of others, it can be difficult to extend our hearts to those who have caused us the pain.

The best description I have found on charity comes from Larry Barkdull…

“All of the gospel learning in the world does not compensate for failure to live without charity. Both Paul and Mormon – two witnesses taught us that without charity we are nothing. Charity is a different kind of love; it is the celestial quality of love — saving love. “Charity is the pure love of Christ,” meaning the type of love that comprises the power of Christ to search out, seek, wait patiently, reinstate and rejoice.”

“True sons and daughter of God test their love against the “even if” list:

I will love you even if you . . . lie.

I will love you even if you . . . steal.

I will love you even if you . . . yell at me.

I will love you even if you . . . abandon your covenants.

I will love you even if you . . . drink, smoke, take drugs.

I will love you even if you . . . commit sexual sin.

I will love you even if you . . . choose an alternative lifestyle.

I will love you even if you . . . leave home and don’t talk with me for years.

I will love you even if you . . . betray me.

I will love you even if you . . . are committed to prison.”

CLICK HERE to open this file as a pdf.
CLICK HERE to open this file as an image.

“We might ask ourselves where our love ceases for a family member. Where does our love cease for a non-family member? Where, would we suppose, does God’s love cease? One of the exacting prices of becoming like God is to learn to love “even if.”

I love the “even if” list and wanted to put it on a little something beautiful to remind me that while loving other’s may not always be easy or pretty, it is how God loves us. He loves us even if

{I happen to be a big fan of Larry Barkdull’s writing and often refer friends to his blog….}

Happy Valentines!

xoxo April