Jul 29 – Aug 4 – Acts 22 – 28

Note:  Most of this weeks links are from the internet, so you will need to be able to connect to internet for this weeks power point.

CLICK HERE for power point (.pptx)
CLICK HERE for power point (.ppt)
CLICK HERE for power point (.pdf)

Please leave a comment if you are using these powerpoints.  It’s nice to see where these are being used as well. Thank you – dh

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1 thought on “Jul 29 – Aug 4 – Acts 22 – 28

  1. Valerie Jo Furrow


    I still use your PowerPoints nearly every Sunday. I co-teach with someone else and we swap from Sunday to Sunday teaching the lesson. I download your PowerPoint even on the weeks that it is her turn to teach, because I find they help me to get more out of the lesson.
    I could not access/download the PowerPoint tonight. Each time I tried I just got an error message. Not quite sure why, it just said “Not Found; The resource could not be found”.
    Also, just wanted to mention that you may want to adjust the wording on the slides so that they can be shown. For example, instead of saying “Ask the children to give and example of XYZ” you might say, “Who can give an example of XYZ?”
    I have been adjusting my slides because I actually present the PowerPoint as a visual for the children. So I gear it towards them and not necessarily verbatim from the manual. Just a thought.
    But I do appreciate all you do for us, I could never do such a good job without you.


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