Mar 4 – Mar 10 – Matthew 8-9; Mark 2-5

Note:  Most of this weeks links are from the internet, so you will need to be able to connect to internet for this weeks power point.

CLICK HERE for power point (.pptx)
CLICK HERE for power point (.ppt)
CLICK HERE for power point (.pdf)
CLICK HERE for power point with no background color (.pdf)

Please leave a comment if you are using these powerpoints.  It’s nice to see where these are being used as well. Thank you – dh

6 thoughts on “Mar 4 – Mar 10 – Matthew 8-9; Mark 2-5

  1. Heather Tuttle

    Are the links for possible activities in the power point supposed to work? I can’t seem to get them to.

  2. Valerie Jo Furrow

    Thank you, thank you, thank you for putting these power points together. We had such bad weather here in Kansas City last week that they cancelled Church ahead of time so I never even looked to see if there was one last week. But I am scoping out the one for this week and I am just so excited that it is there. I’m not even teaching this week, my companion is. But I am excited. You are totally awesome! I have been using your power points for years now and they really help me keep the attention of my students. I have used them with all my classes from 4 year olds to 11 year olds. They pay more attention when they have something to look at.
    I have been teaching in the Primary or Youth Sunday School for the past 30 yrs with very few breaks. I used to put together my own power points, but I loved it when I found Sugar Doodle and then when I discovered your PowerPoints. What a relief to have help getting the job done.
    Thank you for your many years of service to the Primary and us teachers who you have been helping.


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