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  • Janice

    Has the Valiant Newsletter been discontinued. I haven't notice any new ones posted for a couple of week. I sure hope not because I use it every week as a KIDS KORNER in the church program , I really enjoyed the creativity and the ease of using this to help the children reinforce what they learn in Primary.

  • Laura  - Hi Debra; love your newsletters.

    I haven't been able to open and print the last few newsletters. The pdf files seem to be encoded or something. Maybe it's just me, but any suggestions would be great. Thanks

  • Rochelle

    I haven't been able to open and print the last few newsletters either. . .getting the same error as Laura mentioned - - Thanks for your help

  • Lupita Herrera aka TechGeek  - Solution into Downloading, Saving, and Printing Va

    How to save Lesson 29 Valiant Letter into Word:
    Click to Save as Word
    Save file in My Documents
    Save File type as 'All Files' not Word
    It downloaded....
    Open Folder
    Right Clicked Document
    Clicked Open With- Keep Using Word
    (it opened in protected view so I enabled setting, then it went to coplability mode so I Saved it As normal name and a box popped up and I clicked okay and I was able to
    Print, Save, Edit, and YA!!!

  • Suz Skeens  - I'm still able to print the newsletter

    :) I have been getting the newsletters and haven't had to do anything different to print it. I can print to pdf or word.

  • Anonymous  - A quick Thank you!!

    A great way for children of my class to revise and share with their families what is presented in the lessons. Deepest gratitude from Auckland, New Zealand!!

  • Laura Gemmell  - Easy fix for newsletter not opening properly

    Hi all! I have discovered that these more recent newsletters have BOTH a .pdf AND a .doc extension on them... so when it goes to whatever folder you download to the file name looks like this:

    5 29 Newsletter.pdf.doc

    and the preview is blank. To fix this and make the document both viewable and printable, double click on the name of the file and erase either the .pdf or .doc extension depending on which file you need it to be. I haven't tried for .doc (I have a mac) but if I delete the .doc on the very end the file becomes usable. Hope this helps some of you!

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