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"I like to challenge my primary children to accomplish spiritual goals. I decided to combine our children's love for electronics with this month's theme, follow the prophet. I am hoping that the children watch or read nine conference talks this summer. If they fill out the sheet and return it then I will give them a candy bar!  I copied this template to fun stationary paper that can be purchased at any local all purpose mart. I plan on giving it out the last Sunday of this month!"

Comments (2)
  • KaseyQ  - Great Continuation of the Theme!

    I LOVE this idea! Thank you so much for sharing this. I will give this to my primary at the end of May as a way to conclude the month's theme (yet, keep it going).

  • Anonymous  - Summer/ Winter Challenge

    I love this idea. I was looking for a way to really motivate the senior primary to learn more about our modern day prophets. So, I'll tweek this a little as it is winter down here in Tasmania :silly:
    Thank you!!

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