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by Arie Van De Graaff of "Mormon Cartoonist" / ga03252013

CLICK HERE to open this file (ENGLISH)

CLICK HERE to open this file (SPANISH) - Translated by Fressia Aguilar.

Number of pages in file - 11



Comments (19)
  • M. Neeley  - general conference packets

    :cheer: I always look forward to the packets. They are a fun way to help my whole family pay attention--even our children that are on missions.

  • Queen Lamoni  - Thank You

    You are appreciated!

  • Joe  - Awesome

    Once again, very grateful for these packets. I look forward to printing them off each conference for my kids. Thank you!

  • Harris

    I appreciate the packets; however, the prevalence of cartoon caricatures is disappointing. It is worth the effort and artistic discipline to provide illustrations that depict prophets, apostles and scripture stories as real and true.

  • Molly Mormon

    Are you by any chance from Utah County?

  • Tara Haner  - THANK YOU!!! :)

    Thanks for putting together these wonderful resources. :)

  • Kelli @Lolly Jane  - thank you!

    THANKS for the packet!! XO

  • Jamie  - Thank you for BLESSING others with your talents!

    Always love thee! They are great for adding to journals!

  • Carolina Casares  - Information

    Thanks for sending this packet Is the first time I get IT, can you explain me how it words for kids?



  • DeDe Smith  - Thanks!

    Thanks so much!

  • Anonymous

    Thank you it was reely fun :silly: :D

    from luca stocks

  • Anonymous

    I love how you put together these great packets! Do you know how to get to the adult packets?

  • sydney  - Love this!

    I love how you put together these fantastic little packets! Do you have any adult ones? That would be great! Thanks!

  • Anonymous

    wow this is a great website my children love these fun games! :)

  • MR>SIMPSON  - The awesomest

    This is the awesomest packet!!!
    I couldn't find a good packet anywhere else for 300 minutes!! :D

  • ashley  - great packet

    ;) :) :P

  • Lonny  - Thank you

    Thank you for putting these together again. My kids ask for them every year and actually use them during the sessions.

  • Ashley

    So fun! Thanks!

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