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This achievement is about writing and record keeping. Each Cub Scouts needs to complete requirement 18H plus four others to pass off this achievement. We chose the following.

18A – “Make a list of the things you want to do today. Check them off when you have done them.”

I had our boys make a list of things they needed to do tomorrow and take it home with them.

18B – “Write two letters to relatives or friends.”

I brought some blank cards so they could write a letter to a relative or friend (who didn’t live in our neighborhood).

18C – “Keep a daily record of your activities for 2 weeks.”

I created a 2 week daily record that they could simple fill out. [pdf]  Print out a copy for each boy to take home.

18E “Write a thank-you note.”

I asked each boy to write a thank you note to a relative, teacher, or friend.

18HWe discussed honesty in our record keeping as it is outlined in the Cub Scout Bear Book (page 145).

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