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Audrey writes, "The primary music leader in our ward asked me to illustrate Heavenly Father Loves Me. I thought I would share."

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Comments (17)
  • Jessica  - So beautiful!!!

    This are so beautiful!!! Thank you for contributing. Do you have any other pictures available for other songs?

  • Audrey Schilaty  - Thank you!

    Thank you for the kind words Jessica! I will let you know when I illustrate another song.

  • Karen  - An Answer to Prayer!

    Very beautiful, Audrey! Thank you so much!!

  • Kathy  - what a talent you have!

    I have never written a comment on this site before, but I had to tell you what an amazing artist you are!

    Usually, when I look at the illustrations that people have put together for songs, I am impressed at their creativity (and computer skills). But this blows them all away!!!

    Original art, beautifully drawn, yet simple. It truly captures the feel of the song.

    Thank you for sharing it, it's very unselfish of you...

  • Audrey Schilaty

    Kathy, you made my day! I appreiate your comments.

  • Kristi  - Thank you so much!

    These illustrations are gorgeous! Thank you so much for sharing your talent, not only with those in your ward, but with us also!

  • Erika  - Thank you!

    What beautiful illustrations. Thank you for sharing you talents with us!

  • ABC  - So beautiful

    So incredibly beautiful! Thank you for sharing. I immediately fell in love with it!

  • Wendi

    The pics are incredible! I especially like the bird and the butterflies. Thank you Thank you Thank you!!!!!!!!!!!! I like that the colors of all of the pages coordinate so the pictures not only look fabulous individually, but look great together.

  • Jenna  - Thank you!!

    I live in Rome, Italy and my Italian is coming slowly. Your artwork is inspiring and will help me and the children learn this beautiful primary song in our small ward. Thank you so much for sharing!

  • Alexis  - Gorgeous!

    I have to add to the other comments. Just beautiful! Thank you so much for sharing your talents!

  • Dana Briggs  - Thank you

    Thank you for the beautifully simple illustrations. They are just perfect for this song.

  • shannon Jensen  - so thankful!

    Thank you a hundred times over for the beautiful pictures! I love them so much! They make me smile everytime I look at them. Thank you for sharing them with all of us. What a treasure it is to have them. :)

  • Heather Riddle  - Wow!

    Oh my goodness! Absolutely beautiful! Thank you so much for sharing your talent with us! Please do another song!

  • Heidi  - Plan of Salvation


    Just wondering if you do any artwork for pay? I am trying to find an artist to paint a huge canvas of the Plan of Salvation for my house. I would really like my kids to grow up seeing it everyday. I think your artwork is beautiful. Let me know when you can!


  • Karilyn Jorgens  - Perfect!

    I'm very happy to have found your illustrations for this song. I could have come up with my own drawings, but I'm not sure they would have captured the song like you did. Thank you for sharing!

  • Sister Eilene Hezseltine  - Thank you

    I am a missionary serving in West Africa. We meet in a old school room (the children in one room and the adults in the other) with open cinder block for windows and "kind of" chairs. I am helping with 40 eager children that love to sing but have a hard time understanding my "foreign English." Song cards like these make all language barriers disappear. Thank you, thank you, thank you!!!

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