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Melanee writes, "Sock poem tied to the theme "Stand Ye In Holy Places". 

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  • kim

    The website that the poem is on is experiencing a technical issue. would it be possible to see the poem (its too small to read as is)typed out somewhere large enough to read? thanks!

  • laurie  - jpeg

    This is wonderful! Is it possible for you to provide a jpeg file so I can print these on photo paper? Thanks.

  • Kristy Anson  - Background only

    Melanee, Could I possibly get a copy of this without the poem so I can add my own? The background is perfect and I do not know how to make something like this. I am in a time crunch for girls camp- which is this Wed!!


    :cheer: Thank you so much for this lovely help. I am taking 4 youth to The temple and I know they will love the family home evening I have prepared with the help of this hand out. We live in Cornwall England and have a 6hour bus jouney to the Temple but try to make it twice a year . thanks so much love sugardoodle x

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