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Show a picture of Adam and Eve and briefly explain, or have a child briefly explain, who they are (They were the first people to come to earth and get a body). Explain they lived in the Garden of Eden. Show GAK picture #101 (Adam and Eve in the Garden) and talk about (or ask the children if they know) what life in the Garden was like: (no death, no sickness, no work, no pain, living and walking with God, all living things including animals living in peace, no growth or change). God commanded Adam and Eve to not partake of the fruit of knowledge but they did. Because they broke that commandment they had to leave the Garden (show GAK picture 119 Adam and Eve with their children). This is called the Fall (because they fell away from living with God). Life was very different outside of the Garden. Ask the children if they know how life was different (death and pain, separation from God, children and families, growth, change, and progression).

Draw two circles on the board. Label one “Spirit World” and the other “Earth”. Explain that when Adam and Eve were in the Garden, we were all in the Spirit World. Place a picture of children inside the Spirit World circle. Explain that when Adam and Eve left the Garden of Eden, we were now able to come to earth and be born into families. Invite a child to come to the board and move the picture of children to the earth circle. Ask the children to put their thumbs up if they think the Fall was good. Invite them to explain why it is good.

Explain how there were many blessings and opportunities that came to all of us because of the Fall.  Play one of the two games below: (sharing time outline suggests the following blessings: body, family, opportunities to choose right and wrong, opportunities to learn and grow, health and sickness, joy and pain, happiness and sadness)

Pick songs that are “clues” to the blessings that come to us because of the Fall. Have pianist and music leader (you will want to prepare a list of songs a week ahead of time and e-mail the songs to them) sing the songs with the children and ask the children if they can name that blessing. Or you can have the blessings on the board and see if they can guess which song goes with which blessing. Examples:

i.    Body- “Hinges”
ii.    Family- “Families Can Be Together Forever”
iii.    Opportunities to choose the right- “Choose the Right”
Place wordstrips of the blessings in a box and pass it around singing “I am a child of God” (all four verses!). Have the music leader randomly stop the music and when it stops the person holding the box pulls out a blessing and shares how this particular thing is a blessing and places it up on the board for everyone to see.

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