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PREPARE YOURSELF SPIRITUALLY -  How has the gospel provided solutions and comfort during your
challenging times? What issues or challenges do the young women face? What challenges might they
face in the future? Which principles of the gospel will help them successfully cope with these challenges?

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The Things I Love


alt Problem- Solving - Topical Guide
alt Searching the Scriptures: Finding Answers to Our Problems by Robert J. Matthews
alt Winning the Argument or Solving the Problem: Which Do You Want? by Steve Gilliland
You can start with either one of those hands on puzzles you have to solve to get the item out of the box or put the ring a certain way to free the bolt etc.  Or print a simple statement saying you are a daughter of God but put it all in symbols that each letter means something and only you and your presidency have the key/answer.  So after they try to solve the puzzles, show them one of the places they can go for help is their leadership - then list some other people like the Bishop...their parents should be in there as well.  Then ask them who they can go to anytime day or night?  Answer should be Heavenly Father.  Then do some of the lesson.  This lesson would work well if you had a ward member who was challenged physically who did not mind coming to speak for a few minutes or if you could find a story on  (Shared by Anonymous on LDS YW Yahoo Group)


 Solving Emotional Problems in the Lord's Own Way by Boyd K. Packer
alt Finding Joy in the Journey by Pres. Thomas S. Monson
alt Of Things That Matter Most by Dieter F. Uchtdorf

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