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(singing a song): Ask the children what gift we are given after we are baptized. Sing the second verse of “The Holy Ghost” (CS, 105). Before you sing, ask the children to listen for the answer to the following question: What does the Holy Ghost help us do? Help the children understand that the still, small voice is the Holy Ghost and that He helps us choose the right. 

ENCOURAGE UNDERSTANDING (seeing an object lesson): Explain that we have to learn to listen to the promptings of the Holy Ghost by paying attention to thoughts in our minds and feelings in our hearts (see D&C 8:2). Have a child place a coin in a glass jar and shake it. Let the children observe how clearly they can hear the sound. Have children add spoonfuls of dirt, rice, sand, or cotton balls to the jar. After each spoonful, have a child shake the jar again, and let the children comment on how this affects the sound. Continue adding spoonfuls until the children cannot hear the coin. Liken this to the difficulty of listening to the Holy Ghost when our lives are filled with distractions or sin. Empty the jar and demonstrate how clearly the coin can be heard again. Testify that keeping the commandments and repenting of our sins help us hear the Holy Ghost.

ENCOURAGE APPLICATION (sharing ideas): Divide the children into groups and have each group pass around a small object while you sing or say the words to “The Holy Ghost.” Stop randomly and have each child who is holding an object tell one thing they can do to hear the Holy Ghost more clearly. Conclude by singing “The Holy Ghost” together.

IF YOU'D LIKE TO ADD YOUR IDEAS FOR THIS WEEK'S SHARING TIME, use the comment section below and add your thoughts.  If your comments are too long, have trouble posting your comments or you have files you'd like to share, please e-mail them to me at  This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it  and I'll post them below.

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- Pre-record a message with an instruction like "If you can hear this, stand up" repeated over and over. Then, during your lesson, have a teacher in the back of the room play this recording, very quietly at first, but gradually, have them turn up the volume a little at a time until someone stands up.  Once one child is standing, make sure the teacher in the back of the room waits to see if others hear it, then, after about 30 or so seconds, turn it up slowly but continually until everyone can clearly hear. This not only illustrates that we need to be listening and not distracted in order to hear the whispering of the spirit, but it also can show that once one person stands up, usually a couple of others will too because they heard it but didn't recognize it until they say someone else doing it. This has worked with adults, so it should work well with children. (Idea shared by Bri Kent / ga06212013)

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  • Pam Blomquist  - Sharing time on Holy Ghost

    Deseret Book has a book written by Michele Carnesecca entitled "How Does the HOLY GHOST Make Me Feel?" that is perfect for this sharing time/lesson. The illustrations are great and covers the subject so well!

  • Angie Petersen

    Normally I like to add fun things to better teach the lesson, but I love the object lesson and love that the kids will be thinking about ways to better hear the HG in case they are the ones to share. This one is perfect just the way it is! Yay!

  • Leah Mae  - Sharing Time Ideas

    I wrote about some different ideas I've used and found on my blog sharing-time-june-week-2-holy-ghost.html

    Have a wonderful week!

  • Jill  - Free Sharing Time Packet

    Here is what I came up with this month. June_week2_holy_ghost.pdf

  • Jill  - Rice idea

    Hey thanks Jenny for testing the cotton balls. I think it is a great idea to use rice in the game instead of cotton balls.

  • Jenni  - June Week 2 Sharing time

    I've taken several ideas and combined them for mine. I plan to spend a minute talking about the Baptism of Jesus and remind the children that the Holy Ghost was there. He is part of the Godhead and explain that He doesn't have a body. Then I'm going to do the puppet with the flashlight in to to show how the HG can dwell inside us. I'm using an idea from the Friend this month and showing the pictures/objects: stop sign, candle, blanket, scriptures, etc to explain how He can help us. Then, for a demonstration 2 children will come to the front. One will be the Holy Ghost and will quietly read a the D&C scripture to the other child. They should be able to hear. I will have plastic plates with labels (not saying prayers, disoebeying parents, etc) and have a child stand bewteen the other 2 children and bang the plate with a spoon. As we add wrong choices it will be very hard to hear the "Holy Ghost". We can talk about how unworthy things make it hard for us to hea...

  • Jenni

    Thanks Leah for your link. It totally helped me piece together ideas for my Sharing Time this week. There were tons of good ideas!

  • Jenny  - Use rice, not cotton balls

    I'm glad I did a test run of the Encourage Understanding section of this sharing time. I thought cotton balls would be a nice, easy way to demonstrate the object lesson, but they didn't muffle the sound of the coin until the whole jar was almost full (I used a quart jar). With rice, even a few tablespoons muffled the sound.

  • Kim  - Using Primary children up to adults to represent D

    It is my understanding that we are not to have anyone impersonate or represent anyone in the GODHEAD. I hate to say this and cause offense, but, if you read the handbook, it mentions Jesus, but I believe it also includes Heavenly Father, Heavenly Mother, Jesus and the Holy Ghost. They are all Deity and it is far too sacred to have anyone acting their part. I could be wrong, but to be sure, I would ask your Bishop or the Stake Primary President. I am sorry, please forgive me if I am the one in error!

  • Merrie

    I don't believe she was implying that anyone pretend they were the Holy Ghost. Although her words may have confused a few, I think that most understood that it is an object lesson and that they child's voice would be "like" that of the Holy Ghost.

  • Anon

    These are all great ideas. I just want to point out to the commenter above who is going to have one child pretend to be the Holy Ghost, the handbook clearly states that no one is to ever portray the Holy Ghost. I think it is maybe because he is a spirit and does not have a body of flesh and bone. But your idea is really good, I think you could still totally do it, but instead of saying,"this child is going to pretend to be the holy ghost," you could just have them be themselves, regular kids, and just prove to them that it is hard to listen and hear when someone is speaking when there are loud distractions around. Then after liken everyone to something, say,"the child speaking was like the holy ghost and the child making the noise was like sin or doing things in our life that make it hard to feel and hear the holy ghost." that way no one is actually playing the part of the holy ghost or trying to act him out.

  • Anonymous

    I am using this with a twist, I am going to tell a story "a day with Johnny" start off the day with spirit whispers "Read the book of Mormon before TV" but Johnny puts on the TV, so a spoonful of rice goes in the jar for a distraction and a cotton wool ball because he didn't listen then we have little things through out the day.....til we have Daddy come home from work and by then the jar will be quite quiet, and Johnny tells his Dad he feels not too good, Dad then asks him to look for something good to do and he will feel better, so Johnny helps Mum set the table, we remove cotton wool some rice, and with each good thing the jar gets louder. I hope this will help our children stay focused on how the spirit can be heard.

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