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(singing a song): Ask the children what gift we are given after we are baptized. Sing the second verse of “The Holy Ghost” (CS, 105). Before you sing, ask the children to listen for the answer to the following question: What does the Holy Ghost help us do? Help the children understand that the still, small voice is the Holy Ghost and that He helps us choose the right. 

ENCOURAGE UNDERSTANDING (seeing an object lesson): Explain that we have to learn to listen to the promptings of the Holy Ghost by paying attention to thoughts in our minds and feelings in our hearts (see D&C 8:2). Have a child place a coin in a glass jar and shake it. Let the children observe how clearly they can hear the sound. Have children add spoonfuls of dirt, rice, sand, or cotton balls to the jar. After each spoonful, have a child shake the jar again, and let the children comment on how this affects the sound. Continue adding spoonfuls until the children cannot hear the coin. Liken this to the difficulty of listening to the Holy Ghost when our lives are filled with distractions or sin. Empty the jar and demonstrate how clearly the coin can be heard again. Testify that keeping the commandments and repenting of our sins help us hear the Holy Ghost.

ENCOURAGE APPLICATION (sharing ideas): Divide the children into groups and have each group pass around a small object while you sing or say the words to “The Holy Ghost.” Stop randomly and have each child who is holding an object tell one thing they can do to hear the Holy Ghost more clearly. Conclude by singing “The Holy Ghost” together.

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- Pre-record a message with an instruction like "If you can hear this, stand up" repeated over and over. Then, during your lesson, have a teacher in the back of the room play this recording, very quietly at first, but gradually, have them turn up the volume a little at a time until someone stands up.  Once one child is standing, make sure the teacher in the back of the room waits to see if others hear it, then, after about 30 or so seconds, turn it up slowly but continually until everyone can clearly hear. This not only illustrates that we need to be listening and not distracted in order to hear the whispering of the spirit, but it also can show that once one person stands up, usually a couple of others will too because they heard it but didn't recognize it until they say someone else doing it. This has worked with adults, so it should work well with children. (Idea shared by Bri Kent / ga06212013)

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