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  I have four (darling) children, two girls and two boys.  I LOVE being a mom and the challenges and joys it presents.  I am continually challenged and blessed in my calling as a mother.  I am married to an awesome man who supports me in all I do.  He is a true blessing in my life (and yours)!  Without him, SugarDoodle would not exist.  He is the technical service representative and the "I don't know why this isn't working...can you please fix it?" man.

  I enjoy cooking, digital scrapbooking, working on this site and my family website.  I also enjoy doing family history and reading.  Actually, I love to read but it's not something I allow myself very often.  If I find a good book I tend to read the whole thing straight through without stopping.  Many times when I was in high school I would read a book all night long and when finished would get ready to go to school.  So, unless I'm on vacation or going on a long plane ride, I tend to read small, short books. 

  I normally don't care for ice cream, but I do like Cookies and Cream or any flavor sherbet.

   I would have to say my favorite TV show would probably be Extreme Home Makeover.  The series itself is over but I enjoy watching re-runs every now and then. 

   Favorite cookie - Hmmm....It would probably be Samoa's (Girl Scout Cookie).  Good thing they only come around once a year.  Love 'em.

   Music - I am constantly listening to some kind of music.  I especially LOVE Christmas music!  I started teaching piano lessons when I was 14 years old.  I enjoy playing the hymns and making my own piano versions of my favorites.

   Least favorite thing to do - Hands down...I would have to say mating socks.  I can do load after load after load of laundry but I cannot mate the socks as they come out.  I throw them in a basket and mate them as often as I "have" to.  I've been amazed at the many tips you have all provided to make this daunting task managable.  Your tips are wonderful and have been very helpful, but it still remains my least favorite thing to do. : )

   I am currently serving in the Stake Primary Presidency.

   I served a mission in Barcelona, Spain.

   I LOVE to go on walks.

   Pet Peeves - Solicitors, mating socks (oh wait, I already said that)....and people who don't follow through on commitments.

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