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Prepare Yourself Spiritually:  How has your understanding of the commandments grown throughout
your life? What changes have you noticed in yourself as you have strived to live the commandments?
What challenges do the youth face as they strive to keep the commandments? How will they
be blessed by understanding the purposes of God’s commandments? What can they learn about
Heavenly Father as they study His commandments?

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alt The Things I Love 


alt If I keep the commandments, I can live with Heavenly Father Again
alt I was thinking I might print a few different copies of a recipe (something simple like brownies or chocolate chip cookies) and leave out ingredients on one or leave out a few directions, etc. Then ask them if they could make the item with the instructions that I gave them. Then talking about how you need all the instructions so that you could make what you want to make. Then likening that to the commandments. They are essentially a recipe to become the best person we can be and to be like Heavenly Father. I was also going to see if they could name the commandments and maybe have a prize for the one with the most correct. I teach 12-15 so it is a class with a big spread of knowledge and understanding. (Idea shared by Jill Brown / LDS Teachers FB Group)


alt Keep the Commandments - - Beginning Right Now! by M. Russell Ballard
alt The Blessing of Commandments by Dallin H. Oaks
alt Diligence in Keeping the Commandments: A Key to Blessings, Protection and Happiness by J. Alan Walker

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