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CLICK HERE to open file 1 in SPANISH.

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CLICK HERE to see Colette's post on her blog (please hop on over and thank her personally!!)

Number of pages in file - 25

Colette writes, "Here's how it works... each month has a two page planning spread and I've hopefully made a space for nearly every aspect of running an efficient Primary. Everything from staying on top of baptisms and advancements to specific needs in classes, Cub Scouts, Activity Days and music.  There's even a reminder to turn in expenses, a spot to record who/what to pray for, thoughts/ideas for the current month, and plans for next.  Monthly scriptures and themes + Sharing Time assignments, to do lists and more.  There is also an annual calendar in the front, with mini monthly calendars on each 2 page spread for easy reference.  I added several blank pages to the end before I had mine bound to make extra space for general notes, planning and special projects.

Take care when you print as you'll need to print double sided for it to function like a planner.  When you hit print, look through your print options/properties and choose double sided or duplex printing.  Your printer will print odd pages first, prompt you to reload the printed paper, then will print even pages on the back.  I kept the cover page as a separate document so it wouldn't confuse the printer.  I printed the inside pages all on regular white paper, but printed the cover sheets on card stock.  I cut out the cover image, then mounted it on turquoise card stock and laminated for durability  I have a plain laminated turquoise sheet as the back cover as well.  You could also just double side print the planner pages and punch for a binder."

this was wonderful....I'm giving it to our Prim. Pres. she will love this. I used to be a Pres. but after 5 yrs. they told me my time was up, but I know how special it is to get all the help you can find. Thankyou for doing some wonderful work..
:woohoo: So excited about this planner! Not only is it super cute, but it will help our presidency be SO much better organized!!! Thank you!
This is SOO helpful!
Thank you. I am taking it to our President and see if this will help. I am the Secretary and organization skills are in process. It is super cute and it helps with a lot of ideas.

Thanks for sharing. It's beautiful!
Thank you for sharing your talent and helping the rest of us! Amazing
Thank you so much for your amazing ideas which will help us a lot to our Primary Organization here in Cavite, Philippines.
This is so nice!! Thanks for sharing your talents with us. I'm going to print a copy for each member of my presidency.
I really like your Presidency Meeting Planner and would like to know if you take requests for modifications to suit my area. I live in New Zealand and we don't have activity days or scouts but have the Faith in God program in place. Please email me at to let me know if you are able to help with some minor modifications.
Thank you!
MaryAnn Thomas
This is fantastic!!!!! I have been holding out for a cute cover and I'm glad I did. I love the Planner, it will help when we get a new Primary Pres. God Bless you!
Muchisimas gracias por hacer cosas en ESPAÑOL
Por cierto, la portada, la hace cada uno lo que quiera o tambien teneis la protada para poder imprimirla?
Gracias por la guia en español :cheer:
Gracias por dar de tu tiempo en crear cosas tan utiles y compartirlas.
Karla Carolina López Moya Friday, 11 January 2013
Gracias, Me encanta y me sera de mucha utilidad. Gracias por tu tiempo disponible, por tu ayuda.
exelente ayuda...:) gracias por su apoyo en estas hermosas ideas.
Muchas gracias por compartir este planificador en español!!!!! Sera de gran ayuda en nuestras reuniones de presidencia!!!!!!!
Karen Christensen Saturday, 12 January 2013
These are wonderful! I have printed them out for our presidency and I am going to use the bookmarks to go with the wooden blocks for birthdays. Thank you so much for doing these for us and sharing them!
thank you, thank you, thank you, I can not say it enough. you just do not know what it means to me to have this site available to me. I am somone one who wants to be creative, but just can't get there. I have these ideas in my head, but when I try to put them out there, they do not turn out anything like I wanted. I keep praying for the creative side to just explode in me, but it has not happened yet. thank you so much. This is beautiful.
gracias por sus maravillosas ayudas
This will assist our presidency so,much! I am new at this secretary thing and this is amazing!! Thank you
:woohoo: This is absolutely AMAZE-ing! What a work of Love. Thank you so much for sharing all your time and talent. Your generosity is truly appreciated.
Thank you for making this! It is amazing. I just put one together for each of my presidency members. I should it to my husband who is the Elders Quorum President and he wished he had something like this. I wondered if you had an editable version so I could change some of the wording to fit Elder's Quorum and make for him? Thanks so much for sharing your talents with us!
thank you so much :cheer:
:woohoo: thanks for your version in spanish
thanks for your version in spanish
I would love this for YW :cheer:
Gracias Por la ayuda en español :woohoo: [size=large][/size]
Just printed this out for the rest of the Primary presidency today and they loved it! Thanks so much!
I am looking to make a relief society directory, Can't seem to find a template. Can you help or suggest a site
Ya implemantamos esta agenda mil gracias por esta ayuda esta muy chevere y practica
Gracias por esta herramienta esta muy util bonita y practica
Kristin Priddis Saturday, 11 May 2013
As a Primary President in a small branch in Sasebo, Japan, I am so grateful for you skill and willingness to share. I can't express how glad I am to have found your pages. We feel so isolated here (the nearest English speaking branch to us in on the island of Okinawa.) Thank you!
This is such an awesome way to get organized! Will the 2014 version be ready before January?
I love this! I would like to hand one out to each presidency in the stake at our stake auxiliary leadership training. Do you have one done for 2014? Or do you have an editable version? Thank you so much for making this, I think it is wonderful and wish I would have had one when I was primary president!!
I would love to have these ready and printed for our Presidency for 2014. Anything yet?
This is completely awesome. If you could do this for 2014 I would be sooooo happy! Our new presidency is struggling and this would be a very big help. Thank you for your efforts!
are you planning on creating a 2014 calendar?
This is such a beautiful resource!!! I just found it. If you made one for 2014 will you please share it? I would LOVE to use these in our presidency.

Thank you!
Our presidency are using this faithfully this year and have come dependent on it!!! We LOVE it and are hoping desperately that you are going to do it again for 2014!!! :D :!:
Hi love this will there be a 2014 one?

Your help is greatly appreciated! 
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