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Number of pages in file - 25

Colette writes, "Here's how it works... each month has a two page planning spread and I've hopefully made a space for nearly every aspect of running an efficient Primary. Everything from staying on top of baptisms and advancements to specific needs in classes, Cub Scouts, Activity Days and music.  There's even a reminder to turn in expenses, a spot to record who/what to pray for, thoughts/ideas for the current month, and plans for next.  Monthly scriptures and themes + Sharing Time assignments, to do lists and more.  There is also an annual calendar in the front, with mini monthly calendars on each 2 page spread for easy reference.  I added several blank pages to the end before I had mine bound to make extra space for general notes, planning and special projects.

Take care when you print as you'll need to print double sided for it to function like a planner.  When you hit print, look through your print options/properties and choose double sided or duplex printing.  Your printer will print odd pages first, prompt you to reload the printed paper, then will print even pages on the back.  I kept the cover page as a separate document so it wouldn't confuse the printer.  I printed the inside pages all on regular white paper, but printed the cover sheets on card stock.  I cut out the cover image, then mounted it on turquoise card stock and laminated for durability  I have a plain laminated turquoise sheet as the back cover as well.  You could also just double side print the planner pages and punch for a binder."

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