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Kara writes, "I just received the calling to teach the 14-15 year old Sunday School class. I am putting a binder together for each student so they would have something to reflect on during the week based on the class lesson. I have attached the cover sheet for the binders and what I have so far for the weekly outlines (which I will hand out based on the question we study for the week). This is the entire year documented. I have only added additional info to January. All are in Word so can be adjusted to fit the needs of other teachers."


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  • April  - Awesome!

    I was looking for a great outline for lesson preparation and you took what was scrambled in my head and made a simple outline. My question is how are you presenting or using this. Are you giving each student a binder and adding to it as the year goes and they take it home and bring it back? I have thought of a journal idea but not sure they would bring it each week and if I keep it, it doesn't necessarily encourage thinking and application through out the week. Any thoughts?

  • Kara Johnson  - reply - April

    I am giving each student a 3-ring binder and the first lesson outline on Sunday. I am then going to give them additional papers each week to add to the binder. I would love if they brought them each week, but I know that probably won't happen. I am going to encourage them to bring them each week, but all additional papers and outlines will be able to fit in the binder. I was a YW President for a while and my Laurel teacher did this and I know the girls loved it. Just trying out the ideas with a younger crowd.

  • Wendy  - Reply

    I too have the 14-15 year olds for Sunday School. This is a new calling for me. I am giving my class small composition booklets I got from Target. (2for .99). I covered them with duck tape. I will give each student one and ask them to write in it the "Invite to Act" activity and then journal what their experience. It is small enough to keep with their scriptures so hopefully that will make it easier for them to bring each sunday. Then when we discus what they did they can reflect back on this small journal.

  • Lora

    I LOVE this idea!! It is so helpful. I am going to use it in YW. Thank you for your creativity and inspiration.

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