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PREPARE YOURSELF SPIRITUALLY -  Think about the trials you have faced. How have you received
strength through the Atonement? Consider the young women in your class. What trials are they
facing? What personal experiences, scriptures, and quotes do you want to share with them?
Are there personal experiences the young women could share with each other?

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 Atonement by Lindsay Heitz
Courtney Aitken - Handout 1
Courtney Aitken - Handout 2
 Printable from LDS Handouts
The Things I Love - Handouts in English and Spanish


Apples 4 Bookworms
 LDS Handouts
 What is the Atonement of Jesus Christ? Why was it necessary for Jesus Christ to sacrifice His life?


 Broken Things to Mend
 How Do I Know When I Am Forgiven?
 Atonement of Jesus Christ


Mountains to Climb
 Not a One-Time Thing
 Lifting Burdens: The Atonement of Jesus Christ

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