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UPDATE: Lisa writes, "A few sisters asked for a file with the Articles of Faith listed as a check box instead of the Closing Prayer.  Here's that version." -----> (click here)


Comments (25)
  • Debbie Theobald  - Thank you for this version with the boxes to check

    I was trying to find something like this that had the scripture and theme on it and had opening and closing prayer options. Thank you so much. We have a you've got mail bag for the kids to get their assignments each week, and they love getting these little reminders! Thanks for sharing :)

  • mary  - mail bag

    What do you do with the mail bag?

  • Leslie Pittman  - Thank you

    ;) I love this...thank you so much! And Debbie, thanks for mentioning your "you've got mail bag"...I will use this for sure too!

  • Audrey Holt  - article of faith

    These are great. I was looking for something that had an Article of Faith option instead of a closing prayer. I know this can be a pain in the fanny because my daughter used to submit some. She has a new baby now but, if you have time it would be great. Thanks!

  • Lisa Pratt  - AofF

    Audrey, You are right. It would be a pain to change!! I'm feeling swamped. But, I can send you my Word docs and you can do it. Or, I guess you could print as is and cross out the closing prayer and write in AofF. But, that might be kind of lame. E-mail me at
    lisa at and I can send you the docs directly.

  • Asella  - Thank you very much, I find this very useful.

    :cheer: Thanks so much, it is very useful.

  • Lindsay Cheney  - Articel of Faith

    The link to get to the ones with the Article of Faith isn't working. Any ideas? Thanks!

  • Lisa Pratt  - Just e-mail me

    If you are having problems downloading, just e-mail me. I can send it to you directly.

    lisa at

    I've let them know that the link isn't working. I'm sure the Sugardoodle folks are just swamped! ('Tis the season!)

    Lisa Pratt

  • Lynne

    Please email me the one with the Article of Faith. I can't get it to open for me. If you can I would appreciate it this morning because I have a primary meeting. You are wonderful. Thank you so much.

  • Lisa Pratt

    I haven't been here to this site in a while. I can't see your e-mail address, but if you e-mail me I can send you the document you need.

    lisa at
    change the "at" to an "@" symbol and take out the spaces. Thanks!

  • jackie blair

    Would you mind sending me a link for the Article of Faith print out. Can't download.
    Thanks for making these. Very cute and I love the individual theme by month.
    Jackie Blair

  • Laura  - Email address

    Cute Idea! I need to make slight changes too but my computer is stating it can't send to the email address given. Lisa, can you list your email address again please! Thank You

  • Lisa Pratt

    lisa at
    change the "at" to an "@" symbol and take out the spaces. Thanks!

  • Sandra

    How can I make these to fit 4 to a page, they are to small and easy to loose? Thank You

  • Lisa Pratt

    It might not be easy. I could send you the word doc and you could play around with it a bit. E-mail me and I'll get it off to you.

    lisa at
    change the "at" to an "@" symbol and take out the spaces. Thanks!

  • Robbie  - Thank You!!

    :woohoo: Wow! This is amaze-ing!! Thank You so much. What a time saver to not have to write out the Theme for the month. Love This!

  • tracey oliver

    would you be able to send me this in a word version so that i can translate it into french? i can not alter the pdf version! would be much appreciated! thanks!

  • Lisa Pratt

    I'd be happy to send you a word document. Just e-mail me so that I have your e-mail address, as it is hidden on this comment. Also, tell me which version you would like.

    lisa at
    change the "at" to an "@" symbol and take out the spaces. Thanks!

  • Kym  - original copy

    Hi Lisa,
    Just an FYI I sent you an email about getting an original copy of this form so I can put the kids name and date in months a head of time. Let me know. It is coming from a hotmail account so it may filter to your junk mail. :-)

    Kym :)

  • Fina Jones  - THANK YOU

    This is exactly what I was looking for, I'm so appreciative, thanks very much :kiss:

  • Cherry  - Scripture, talk & prayer reminder

    Thank you so much! This is just perfect with everything that we need. This way we don't have to have a different reminder for each individual assignment, we can just check off the appropriate one!

  • Suzanne  - 2014 Products

    Will you be doing these for 2014? I like your format better than some of the other ones out there.

  • jenny  - 2014

    I too am wondering if you are going to do these for 2014. I used them all year long for 2013 and haven't found anything near as great as yours were. For those of us less creative than you...PLEASE do these for 2014?!

  • Carol Schade  - How about 2014?

    Are you going to do these for 2014? I would love them with the article of faith check box instead of the scripture box.

  • Jennifer Cannon

    Will you be updating this for 2014? If not could I get this in a version that I can edit sent to me? I love it.

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