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7 Helps to Succeeding with the New Curriculum
A class questionnaire.... by Amber Nish
A yearly planner cover - Instagram style
Come Follow Me Binder Cover by Jennifer Hughes
"Come Follow Me" INB's (Interactive Notebooks) by Ashley Lewis

Holy Handouts - Posters with each months theme
Learning Outline Survey - Kathryn writes, "In the Come, Follow Me youth curriculum, each month's topic has more suggested learning outlines than there are weeks available for teaching. We have been instructed to consult with the youth about which lessons would be most applicable to and beneficial for them. To facilitate this communication, I created  "survey" or "poll" for each month. Each youth fills it out, and then the leaders use that information to determine what and when to teach. I also included an option where the youth can indicate willingness to teach all or part of a lesson. I posted three links on my blog to the Google doc containing surveys for each of the three youth programs for the rest of the year. Anyone who feels their youth would benefit from using this communication tool is welcome to download it."
Monthly Binder Sheets for "Come Follow Me' Handouts by Kristy Gordon
My first Sunday with the new 'Come, Follow Me' curriculum - she shares some good ideas
Sunday School Curriculum Outline by Aaron Sauser
Teaching Tips and Ideas from Mormon Share
Tips on how to ask pertinent questions
Youth Sunday School Workbook by Kara Johnson

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