I just stumbled across your blog via Pinterest, and I'm glad I did! What an incredible resource you have here! I'll definitely be frequenting this site in the future. So much quality stuff on here--thanks!

If you're interested, my husband specifically made handouts for this lesson and the people in his Sunday School class seemed to find them helpful. He made four handouts to help you get a good overview of the D&C since it doesn't have a built-in storyline like the Book of Mormon does.

The four handouts he made can be found (and downloaded and printed) at http://nathanrichardson.com/2012/12/three- handouts-for-a-doctrine-and-covenants-overview and they are:
1. Names and Divisions of Sections
2. Timeline of Revelations
3. Chronological Reading Diagram
4. Chronological Reading Checklist (to help you track your personal study)

Feel free to add them to your list if you find them relevant to the lesson.

BTW, I especially liked page 4 of Doug Simpson's handout that you linked ...