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"I plan on sliding these into the back cover of our teachers binders."

Comments (10)
  • kara  - TIME SAVER!

    I just became the new Primary Secretary, and went to see what the lessons were for next year. You just saved me tons of time with this already set up!! I just had to go in and change our stake conference and primary program dates and waaallaaa!!! thanks soooooo much!

  • Carol F Kingston  - Lesson Schedules

    Please remember to include the special Easter and Christmas lessons on the appropriate date on the lesson schedules.

  • Brooke Garrett  - Jr. Primary Binder lesson schedule?

    I cant seem to find this same version for Jr. Primary. I LOVE this one! Let me know where I can find it somehow!

    Thank you,
    Brooke Garrett

  • Cheryl A.

    If you open this in Excel, there are tabs at the bottom of the page for Jr., Sr., Presidency, etc.

  • Annie G.  - Music Chorister

    Thanks for answering that question from Sis. Garrett :) I love this! Now...I just have to translate everything for our Spanish ward's needs. Thanks for doing all that work and sharing it so we don't have to and are able to spend the time doing something else.

  • Dianne  - Thanks a ton!!

    I too am a new Primary Secretary, and oh my goodness you've given me something I can work with, I'm so excited!!!

  • Cheloye  - Such a clever girl

    Have you seen a class roster - sure love to see something cute.

  • Terri Case

    how do I make this larger? The print is pretty tiny.

  • S  - Issues

    The excel option keeps opening up in XML and trying to open in my adobe dreamweaver. Does anyone know why this would be happening? On my other computer that does not have excel, it works but I can't edit anything.

  • hdavis  - Thank you

    This is invaluable! Thank you so much for sharing your time and talents with the rest of us!

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