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QUESTION - What are your bulletin board ideas for the 2013 theme, "I am a child of God"?  To answer this question, please leave a comment using the form below.  IF YOU HAVE A PHOTO you'd like to share on this page, please e-mail it to me ( This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it ) and I will post it here.  THANKS!!!

"We have several things that we are going to be doing this year to really try and help the children understand that they truly are Children of God.  For our Bulletin board in the Primary room we will be displaying a picture of Jesus in the center and pictures of each of the children in our primary radiating from Him. These are mounted on some fun colored card stock These will be fun for the kids to see throughout the year and then for Christmas, we will be taking them down and making them into Christmas ornaments- via some string and the words "I am a Child of God- Primary 2013" as a reminder to them of the things they have learned throughout the year. (This way we're also ahead for the end of the year.) (Idea shared by Wendy Francom / ga12112012)

We have decided to let each class be in charge of a bulletin board so each quarter a different class will be in charge. We thought that would be a good way to get the kids and teachers thinking about the theme. (Idea shared by Kelli Gray / ga12112012)

2013 Primary Bulletin Board Idea by Lorie Donaldson

Little LDS Ideas

 Anonymous writes, I thought I would share an idea that I had for our bulletin board in our Primary Room.  Since the theme is "I am a Child of God" we are going to put the theme and the Proclamation to the Family quote on the board and surround it with pictures of all the Primary children who meet in our building." (ga11122012)

Our Primary secretary came up with the idea to hang a framed mirror on our bulletin board. (Shared by Anonymous / ga12262012)

 Leah writes, "I'm not in charge of our bulletin board next year (we take turns with the other ward that shares our building), so we're going to do a moveable board (I'm thinking one of those foldable foam core presentation boards). We're using the Armor of God theme found in Ephesians, with a few additions.  Basically, as children of God, we are part of God's army. To be able to follow His "orders" we need certain "equipment." To help introduce the theme each month we'll add a new piece of armor to our primary boy/girl.  I found an idea from a few years ago (the last time I Am a Child of God was the theme) and tweaked it to fit's the link to my blog."

This is what we are doing in our ward this year. I am having the children write down something why they are a special child of God or something special about themselves for our first sharing time, and every Sunday we will read one of them to spotlight a child. Then we will have them look in the mirror on the bulletin board and say, the key is knowing who I really am. Their gift is a small mirror with a key tied to it. So excited!  (Idea shared by Becky Field / ga01042013)

 The Idea Door

"We have created a bulletin board using parts of the song "I am a Child of God" as our guide, which we implemented in a simple layout of the plan of salvation." (Shared by Anabelle Chacon / ga12302012)

  Shelly Brown writes, "Here is a picture of a bulletin board we did for all three wards that meet in our building.  Each ward has it's own separate section to use as they see fit." (ga01042013)

Melissa writes, "It is not the best picture but I thought the board turned out great and wanted to share. We put on the mirror- Christ's image and then: Have you seen His Image in your countenance? It goes along with the 2013 theme from The Family: A Proclamation to the World - "We are created in the Image of God".  The frame of the mirror had two hooks on the back and so we tied string to it and hung it. Then we also secured the bottom of the frame with a bunch of tacks so it could rest on it."  (Shared by Melissa Roquemore of Orem, Utah / ga01042013)

  Erin Toomer writes, "We decided to make it really simple this year. It looks very bare right now but our idea is that each Sunday we are going to ask 4 kids to tell us why/how they know Heavenly Father loves them. We will write their response and name on a die cut flower and then let them put their flower into our "gratitude garden". During the year as we get more flowers we will refer to the board often about all the ways Heavenly Father shows his love for us all!"  (ga01102013)

  Magna Goerke writes, "Here’s what we did for our bulletin board displaying the children’s photos and giving them motivation to work on their ‘Faith in God’ goals and share ‘How they know God loves them’ thoughts.  I haven’t got all their photos up yet, but each apple represents one of our children and has a label with their name on it.  The basket has extra ‘leaves’ with a white oval on it for writing down the goal they achieved for ‘Faith in God’.  Each week we also invite a child to share a thought on how they know God loves them and write it down on a leaf and put on the tree.  I used brown packing paper scrunched  and twisted up, stapled to the board.  I then brushed on some darker brown paint for the bark effect.  It’s an IKEA sun mirror on the trunk so they can look at themselves and know they are a ‘Child of God’." (Mission, British Columbia (Abbotsford 4th Ward Primary) - ga02082013)

  Athena VanderMeyden writes, "We just did our bulletin board for the Primary. We wanted it to be cheerful and highlight all the children in primary.Since we share with two other wards, we wanted the children walking past it to see their image as well, so we put up a mirror. This way it shows that all of us our children of God." (ga02082013)

Our primary secretary came up with the idea to hang a framed mirror on our billboard. 

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