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QUESTION - What are your bulletin board ideas for the 2013 theme, "I am a child of God"?  To answer this question, please leave a comment using the form below.  IF YOU HAVE A PHOTO you'd like to share on this page, please e-mail it to me ( This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it ) and I will post it here.  THANKS!!!

"We have several things that we are going to be doing this year to really try and help the children understand that they truly are Children of God.  For our Bulletin board in the Primary room we will be displaying a picture of Jesus in the center and pictures of each of the children in our primary radiating from Him. These are mounted on some fun colored card stock These will be fun for the kids to see throughout the year and then for Christmas, we will be taking them down and making them into Christmas ornaments- via some string and the words "I am a Child of God- Primary 2013" as a reminder to them of the things they have learned throughout the year. (This way we're also ahead for the end of the year.) (Idea shared by Wendy Francom / ga12112012)

We have decided to let each class be in charge of a bulletin board so each quarter a different class will be in charge. We thought that would be a good way to get the kids and teachers thinking about the theme. (Idea shared by Kelli Gray / ga12112012)

2013 Primary Bulletin Board Idea by Lorie Donaldson

Little LDS Ideas

 Anonymous writes, I thought I would share an idea that I had for our bulletin board in our Primary Room.  Since the theme is "I am a Child of God" we are going to put the theme and the Proclamation to the Family quote on the board and surround it with pictures of all the Primary children who meet in our building." (ga11122012)

Our Primary secretary came up with the idea to hang a framed mirror on our bulletin board. (Shared by Anonymous / ga12262012)

 Leah writes, "I'm not in charge of our bulletin board next year (we take turns with the other ward that shares our building), so we're going to do a moveable board (I'm thinking one of those foldable foam core presentation boards). We're using the Armor of God theme found in Ephesians, with a few additions.  Basically, as children of God, we are part of God's army. To be able to follow His "orders" we need certain "equipment." To help introduce the theme each month we'll add a new piece of armor to our primary boy/girl.  I found an idea from a few years ago (the last time I Am a Child of God was the theme) and tweaked it to fit's the link to my blog."

This is what we are doing in our ward this year. I am having the children write down something why they are a special child of God or something special about themselves for our first sharing time, and every Sunday we will read one of them to spotlight a child. Then we will have them look in the mirror on the bulletin board and say, the key is knowing who I really am. Their gift is a small mirror with a key tied to it. So excited!  (Idea shared by Becky Field / ga01042013)

 The Idea Door

"We have created a bulletin board using parts of the song "I am a Child of God" as our guide, which we implemented in a simple layout of the plan of salvation." (Shared by Anabelle Chacon / ga12302012)

  Shelly Brown writes, "Here is a picture of a bulletin board we did for all three wards that meet in our building.  Each ward has it's own separate section to use as they see fit." (ga01042013)

Melissa writes, "It is not the best picture but I thought the board turned out great and wanted to share. We put on the mirror- Christ's image and then: Have you seen His Image in your countenance? It goes along with the 2013 theme from The Family: A Proclamation to the World - "We are created in the Image of God".  The frame of the mirror had two hooks on the back and so we tied string to it and hung it. Then we also secured the bottom of the frame with a bunch of tacks so it could rest on it."  (Shared by Melissa Roquemore of Orem, Utah / ga01042013)

  Erin Toomer writes, "We decided to make it really simple this year. It looks very bare right now but our idea is that each Sunday we are going to ask 4 kids to tell us why/how they know Heavenly Father loves them. We will write their response and name on a die cut flower and then let them put their flower into our "gratitude garden". During the year as we get more flowers we will refer to the board often about all the ways Heavenly Father shows his love for us all!"  (ga01102013)

  Magna Goerke writes, "Here’s what we did for our bulletin board displaying the children’s photos and giving them motivation to work on their ‘Faith in God’ goals and share ‘How they know God loves them’ thoughts.  I haven’t got all their photos up yet, but each apple represents one of our children and has a label with their name on it.  The basket has extra ‘leaves’ with a white oval on it for writing down the goal they achieved for ‘Faith in God’.  Each week we also invite a child to share a thought on how they know God loves them and write it down on a leaf and put on the tree.  I used brown packing paper scrunched  and twisted up, stapled to the board.  I then brushed on some darker brown paint for the bark effect.  It’s an IKEA sun mirror on the trunk so they can look at themselves and know they are a ‘Child of God’." (Mission, British Columbia (Abbotsford 4th Ward Primary) - ga02082013)

  Athena VanderMeyden writes, "We just did our bulletin board for the Primary. We wanted it to be cheerful and highlight all the children in primary.Since we share with two other wards, we wanted the children walking past it to see their image as well, so we put up a mirror. This way it shows that all of us our children of God." (ga02082013)

Our primary secretary came up with the idea to hang a framed mirror on our billboard. 

Comments (38)
  • KBrower  - Bulletin Board Idea.

    This year we are going to preface the "I am a Child of God" theme with I Can Do Hard Things Because... I Am A Child Of God. Throuhout the year we will share experiences of hard things we can do through the strength of the Lord and because of our Father in Heavens love for each of us.

  • samantha ross  - bulletin board ideas

    For our primary wall we are going to give each kid a paper with their picture in the center. They are then going to take it home and fill it with things about themselves. They can do magazine cut outs or coloring things, anything that shows us who they are. They will then bring it back and we will place them all over the wall under the theme. This will show that kids that we are each Children of God and each individuals.

  • Miriam

    We are going to do something similar to what has already been posted with a picture of Christ in the middle of the board. But we are not allowed to hang pictures of the kids (since they are all minors) so each kid is going to draw a picture of themselves and we will display the drawings around the picture of Christ. On our other board we are going to do a teacher spotlight every month to show the kids that everyone, even the teachers, are children of God.

  • Kari Lockhart  - Primary Bullentin Boards

    "In regards to children being minors"
    We are using the idea of a picture of Christ surrounded by the child from all three primaries that meet in our building. We sent home a note that said, " In the year 2013 the Primary theme will be "I am a Child of God". In keeping with this theme, the River Ridge 6th Ward will take a picture of your child to place on the bulletin board in the Primary room of the church building. If you have any reservations about having your child's picture in this display, please let us know so we can be respectful of your wishes.
    The Primary Presidency, River Ridge 6th Ward
    ###-###-#### (ask for Karen)

  • Beth Stevens

    I've lived in 3 different states and have lost track of how many wards I've been a part of in my life and I've found that whether or not pictures of the kids can be posted has more to do with the leadership of the ward rather than a legality. And that determination is usually made with love and concern for the safety of the children. As far as leaving some pictures off a board (even at the request of the parents) I personally feel this negatively singles out those "left out" - it's just so hard for the children to understand. A ward with a no-picture policy used to bother me, but as I learn more about safety issues (I'm a teacher)I would much rather play it safe and simply not use the pictures. It's sad that there really are such dangers in our world (and yes, even within our own church buildings) that such precautions are necessary, but I really feel they are most of the time. We have opted to post a mirror on our bulletin board with "I am a Child of God" a...

  • Maryanne Finau

    good idea!!

  • Anonymous

    Why are so many people putting pictures of Christ with this theme. The theme is "I am a child of God", not a child of Jesus Christ. I think a lot of children get confused with the godhead and I think this could unintentionally be adding to their confusion on this matter. We must be sure to teach children that God is our Father and Jesus Christ is His son and our brother.

  • Jennifer

    We are creating a questionaire for the kids to fill out that is all about them. (favorite color, favorite food, i'm good at, ect)that will be displayed along with their picture. We are going to focus on how each of us is a child of god even though we all have differences.

  • Stefanie  - bulitin board idea

    We are going to make a Family Tree and put all the children's names on either leaves or apples on the tree and a picture of Heavenly Father and Christ from the First Vision on the trunk of the tree.

  • BriannaK  - Family Tree

    Like Stefanie's ward, ours is doing a tree. We're doing a huge 3-D ish tree with pictures of the children and teachers on the tree. We're also doing a match game the 1st Sunday to have the children match baby pictures to what they look like, since it will go with the lesson. We'll refer back to that tree throughout the year, emphasizing different things as we go along. We've gotten a lot of positive feedback, an extended family tree is a nice way to show that everyone is connected and introduces family history and geneology.

  • Kattrina  - Bulletin Board

    For our main theme board, we are having all the kids bring in a 4x6 picture of themselves. We are going to make a giant heart on the wall with all the kids' photos, with I am a child of God at the center :)

  • Lauren  - Child of God Board Idea

    We have less than 40 kids, so I used a Cricut to make a paper doll for each kid (still took a long time). They are on the wall, as the year goes by we will take them down and add them to their birthday gift, which is a framed and personalized "I am a child of God" quote.

  • Mary ~ Bulletin Board  - Bulletin Board

    I printed a border from sugardoodle that says I am a child of God & then I am going to put a picture of Heavenly Father in the center & then I am going to have the children all sign their names on the background paper that is on the bulletin board, teacher too & we share the building w/two other wards & their children can sign their names also...that way everyone who signs can see their name all year long & be reminded that they are a child of God......

  • Katie  - Bulletin Board Idea

    Thank you to Stefanie for her family tree idea. We are also going to use this idea. Although we will be putting a picture of each child on the tree. We will also be utilizing the tree to incorporate this recommendation from the outline:

    "Briefly share a way you have recognized that God loves you. Place a small object such as a cotton ball, a bean, or a pebble) into a clear jar or container. Throughout the year, allow
    children to share ways they have recognized that God knows and loves them. Each time a child shares something, allow him or her to add another object to the jar. Refer to the
    jar frequently, pointing out how many ways
    Heavenly Father shows His love for us."

    A few times a month we will ask children to share as stated above. When they do, we will write what they have shared on a small leaf and add it to our tree. By the end of the year, we will have a full and beautiful tree!

  • angie  - Totally taking this idea!

    Best idea! I had already made a laminated paper tree during fall with silk leaves at our home for the kids. This will make it so easy to put together! I love that you're incorporating it all, the pics of kids, the leaves to add throughout the year so the kids (and teachers) continue to think about the theme. So great! Now my next thought is how to get the kids involved with it so they are apart of putting it together so that they are perhaps more likely to get excited about it.
    Last year they colored CTR shields and put a sticker on each week that they shared something they did to CTR that week. At the end of the year they took home the shield, but how do the kids get to be involved with this?
    I've thought about having them each color a letter to "I KNOW I AM A CHILD OF GOD BECAUSE...". This will be the banner to go above the tree and then the papers (leaves) that are attached will have the answer. We have a small primary.

  • Martha  - bulletin board idea

    Glad I found this! I was worried that my idea for the bulletin board was off, but it goes exactly along the lines of what you guys have posted. A tree or family tree was the first thing that came to my mind as I read the Sharing time outline. To show that we are all belong to the family of God. Along with the tree (with cartoon kid pics representing them, then pic of Jesus and/or Heavenly Father on the trunk) I want to post my family history chart that goes back to Adam and Eve and put a thought bubble by it that says something like this, "we are all literal descendants of God. We belong to God's family of the human race. We are all children of God. And He loves and knows each and everyone of us." Do you think that I come off too showy or bragging by posting my family history chart? I just wanted to make the "I am a child of God" more understandable to the children (as well as adults). I was also going to include the scripture Romans 8:16 and the quote from the f...

  • Emily  - bulletin board idea

    I think it's wonderful! You're not bragging at all, you can show the children your love for genealogy and family history.

  • Megan  - 2013 Bulletin Board

    We are going to have each child have a "I am a child of God because..." paper that they can fill out through out the year. I will also be playing I am a child of God Bingo I found on Google. After we do that I am reading the book "You are Special." A pretty low key sharing time.

  • Tiffany

    What happened to the I am a child of god bulletin board pictures that were on here a few weeks ago? I was going to copy one of them. Is there another place to find them?

  • SugarDoodle  - Tiffany

    I haven't taken anything off the site. I'm not sure what you saw before but I have only added to this page, not taken away. ~ Melanie

  • Wendy  - Lost items

    Sometimes I can't find things that interest me when I come back to a site. If I like something but haven't the time to do anything about it, I copy the address at the top, next to www. and put it in a word document. You can the click on the link directly or copy and paste back into the address line

  • Lizzy  - Bulletin Board Idea

    I'm going to put a picture of Christ with children around him as the center, and i'm putting each child's name in primary on a heart and the hearts are going to go around the picture. (decided to do that instead of pictures of the kids for saftey reasons... also i only did the first name of the kids unless they have the same name as someone else then i did the first initial of the last name) Also the theme will be in big letters at the top

  • Sheila  - Bulletin Board

    We are doing a family tree idea. We will make a paper trunk with branches and put a picture of Heavenly Father at the top. We are going to take pictures of each of the kids (we have about 60 in our primary), cut our their faces and glue them on paper leaves with their names. We will attach those to the branches of the tree.

  • Vanessa Henry  - How to securely hang a mirror?

    My idea is similar to the one shared above by Melissa Roquemore of Orem, Utah (yellow background, mirror with pic of Christ on it, and kids pics surrounding it).

    I want to hang a framed mirror on our bulletin board. Any ideas on how I can securely hang it without fear of it falling off?

  • Stacey Tew  - Looking for the pictures of Jesus & the boys

    Idea shared by Becky Field / ga01042013)-
    I was just wondering where I could find the picture of Jesus kissing the little boy's head on the right? I found the other picture but am struggling to find the other picture. I really love your bulletin board.
    Thanks for your help!

  • Myla Jensen  - re: pictures of Jesus & children

    I also love Becky's bulletin board. I found the artist of the touching pictures of Jesus with the children. His name is David Bowman and his website is He charges very little for prints, especially the smaller sizes, so I recommend ordering them from him rather than copying them from the internet.

  • Annette  - Becky Field Bulletin Board

    Becky, I love your bulletin board. Can you share where you found the pictures, lettering, etc. Is the background material? If you can send any copies or links that would be nice also. Thank you! :)

  • Anonymous

    if you go into google images and type in Jesus with children you will find the picture of jesus kissing the little boys head

  • Terri  - bulletin board

    There are some great ideas for the bulletin board.I have decided to change my original plan and go for the family tree with Heavenly Father and Jesus at the top. The tree will be bare, I like the idea of a 3D tree with trunk and branches that stand out. The children will have an opportunity each week to tell us what they have done throughout the week to acknowlege they are a child of God, eg. been kind to children at school, read their scriptures, said their prayers, helped someone etc. Each time they report a good deed their name can be put on a leaf. The children can then be rewarded when they get to a certain number of leaves. We did this last year with shields and it worked really well.we have a primary of 12 children and they achieved over 175 shields.

  • Diana

    I thought I would put this Greg Olsen picture up ( Matted-Print-Greg-Olsen/i/3922049) next to a mirror. I may outline the board with a picture of each child on a star. :) We do a "Sunday Star" highlight of a child each week so this would keep that going too.

  • Amber  - Bulletin Board

    Family tree with Owls sitting on the branches. Each child has an owl with the child's picture on the tummy.

  • Vanessa

    I love the whoo with owls! Great idea. Would you post a picture if you have one?

  • Kathy  - Have you seen His Image in your countenance?

    Hi Melissa, I really like your idea for the mirror on your bulletin board. I was wondering where you got the vinyl image of Christ? Melissa Roquemore of Orem, Utah / ga01042013

  • Kelsi  - re: Have you seen His Image in your countenance?

    I am with Kathy, Melissa! Would love to know where you got the Vinyl picture of Christ as well for your mirror. Would love to be able to use that in our primary. :)

  • Lisa  - vinyl?

    I would also love to know how or where you found the vinyl of Christ.

  • Sarah  - Beckys bulletin board

    Is your mirror just reflective paper? If so where did you find it? Or is it an actual mirror, if so how did you hang it? Thanks!

  • Klare  - Bulletin Board

    At the top of the board it says "I Am A Child Of God". In the middle of the board there is a picture of Christ and we have pictures of all the children surrounding Christ's picture.

  • Maryanne Finau  - thankyou

    thank you for all your ideas I just got called as primary president and all your ideas really help...

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