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Mimi writes, "I put together a schedule for the year that combines the Wolf and Bears together.  I hope this can help someone."

Comments (5)
  • Jerusha  - THANK YOU

    I have never been with a Cub Pack that had all the boys combined - THANK YOU so much for this chart!!
    I was about to go crazy with how to work them and get all the stuff accomplished that needed to be done!

  • Kristy  - Thank you!

    I was just going to sit down today to do this for our ward! I'll mix it up but I am glad to have somewhere to start! Thanks for preparing and sharing this!

  • Anna  - Thank you!

    We are thinking about combining the wolves and bears next year because it's not working out combining wards. And there are like 4 boys total (one wolf). This would be perfect if the leaders can make it work.

  • Anginette  - Thank you!

    This looks like a great plan. How often do you meet per month? I noticed you have field trips each month. Do the cubs meet you there? Thanks!

  • Lyndi

    This definitely helps us!! Thanks so much.

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