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Sarah writes, "When it comes to Connecting the Faith in God Program with earning the Religious Square Knot Patch for Cub Scouting this form can help.  Some parents have been confused on what to have their son work on.  So I created this to help."

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  • Danel  - HUGE HELP!

    :woohoo: I am SO excited to have found this website! I knew NOTHING about Cub Scouts until I got "called" or thrown in over a year ago now. Having been a Girl Scout (a program created by women) I was amazed at how complicated everything was-especially the record keeping!! I am not good at this particular skill so it has been quite the challenge for me. We finally feel this school year that we are on schedule for our boys with a calendar that works for us, but I felt like we were REALLY dropping the ball in working with our boys on their Religious Knot and encouraging them in completing their Faith in God Awards. This will REALLY help as I get my parents to understand what is required, AND it takes some of the pressure off of us as Leaders. Simplify's the whole thing. We will have TWELVE boys coming into my Wold Den within the next few months I am told, and this will be one of those "must-haves" that I will have them carry in their books with them. YEAH YOU!! Best...

  • Diane Graham

    Here is the link to the booklet on faith-in-god-award-requirements?lang=eng which lists the 8 requirements for this Knot. The above page has only 7.

  • Pat DeKay

    Thank you so much for this handout! My husband and I were Cub and Boy Scout leaders for a number of years and are back in Cub Scouts. This form is a huge help. Keep up the good work!

  • Sarah Bartlett  - Align the Faith in God program with the new Handbo

    Hi Diane -
    This link has the changes that were made in Sept 2012 to the Faith in God requirements for the Religious Scout Knot. With these changes I only count 7 requirements. and-primary-leaders?lang=eng
    I noticed today that the online booklets have not been updated yet. I sent a feedback email message to I asked them if I ordered new booklets today would they reflect the changes or are they still the old booklets. Waiting for a reply. I don't see any other announcements beside the above one about any other changes to the booklets.

  • Karleen Hoggan  - Religious Knot Help

    I need help with some ideas for helping my cubs achieve the last requirement for the religious knot. It's under the Developing Talents section, third item down - "Write a poem, story, or short play that teaches a principle of the gospel or is about Heavenly Father's creations." Anyone have any ideas on how to make this a simple task? Most of my cubs don't like to write so I thought a poem would be the simplest but I'm no poet. SUGGESTIONS PLEASE!!!!!!

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