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Laura writes, "I thought this might be helpful to people getting ready for 2013.  It has lesson schedules for Nursery, Primary 1, Primary 3, and Primary 5.  You may have to do some adjusting for Stake Conference dates."

*  PLEASE NOTE that if you open this file in Excel, the different schedules can be accessed by clicking on the tabs at the bottom of the page (as seen here):

Comments (46)
  • Anonymous

    When I click on the Excel link there are no tabs present. Can you try posting it again or linking each lesson schedule separately?

  • Hope Moos

    I had a hard time to, but if you look over to the left on the screen it will give you another sheet to open

  • Anonymous

    I had to click on a small rectangle located on the top right corner, and the tabs suddenly appeared!

  • brenda  - email please

    Hello Laura, can you please email me the lesson schedule 2013 so i can change. we don't have excel so i dont know any other way to alter the lessons to fit our conferences. thanks brewei

  • Hope Moos

    I can't say thank you enough for posting this lesson schedule!!!! I was able to pull it up and make changes to fit our Stake!!! Thank you thank you thank you!!!!

  • Celeste  - ?

    Could you sent me a copy of your schedule so I can make changes for my schedule. Thanks

  • Lola  - THANK YOU!

    I have been procrastinating doing this so THANK YOU! I am so pregnant right now and having done this for four years I am a little burnt out. From the bottom of my heart THANK YOU AGAIN! You really made my week!

  • Mary  - 2013 Lesson Schedule

    Hi there, could you please let me know how to open the excel file... it isn't working for me.

  • Mori Jensen  - THANK YOU!!!

    I was getting ready to make this myself when I saw that you just put this up! THANK YOU! THANK YOU! THANK YOU!!! I was able to open and edit! :) Great job!

  • Rachael W

    Thank you Thank you!!!

  • Natalie

    I really appreciate you sharing this!!Saved me so much time :)

  • Tasha  - Primary 3A

    These files are great! I was told that I needed to get the Primary 3 A lesson schedule, and you only have 3 B posted. Does anyone have 3A? I would really appreciate it! Thanks!

  • Lisa P

    I'm pretty sure that the "A" would be with a different number. I just checked and 2012 is "Primary 2-Choose the right A". 2013 is "Primary 3-Choose the right B". So, this schedule should be just fine for you to use.

  • Jeff Brummer  - Google or Apple calendar

    Does anyone know if this is in a google or apple calendar so we can easily import into our own calendar?

  • Lisa P  - Thank you, Thank you, my heart sings!

    I just wanted to say thank you for saving me hours and headaches. You are a gem! :cheer:

  • Ginger  - Thank you!!

    Thank you so much for posting this spread sheet! You have saved my sanity.


    Thank you so much for this! You have saved me so much work and headache! I recognize the work you have put into this and I cannot tell you enough how helpful this was. Thank you, thank you, thank you!

  • Cynthia Smith  - this was great

    Thank you for the 2013 lesson plan this was very helpful and I had no problems with it at all need any craft ideas if any one has any I make something every week for the kids and they really remember their lessons

  • Sherri Anderson  - THANK YOU SO MUCH!


  • Lisa P  - Nursery page numbers a little off

    I was re-formatting a little and noticed that some of the page numbers for the Nursery lessons were a little off. I think it was starting at about lesson 22-28. So, double check those before printing. (It is a minor issue.)

    Thanks, again, Laura!

  • Cynthia

    I am trying to download the excel version of the 2013 primary lesson schedule and only the primary 5 ages 8-11 tab is showing up. The page shows that the nursery and junior primary should be there too. But I can't get it. Can you e-mail me this file? This would save me lots of time. Thanks!

  • Kelsey  - Email please

    I can only see the Nursery schedule when I open this in Microsoft Excel. I still do not see any tabs on the bottom. Can someone email me the file so I can change it to fit my Stake's Conference dates?

  • Alisa

    Thank you so much for doing this you are so ahead of the game! Is there and editable version so I can put in my Stake conference?? Thanks so much!

  • Natalie  - Thank You!

    Just wanted to add my many, many thanks! I was dreading making my own version of this year and was so excited to see you did the work for us. You're awesome!

  • Kristi  - AWESOME

    Thank you so much! This helped immensely! :cheer:

  • Deborah Fletcher  - THANK YOU!!!!


  • Amy North  - so apprecative

    THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU FOR SHARING THIS!!! You saved me SOOOOOO much time, which I really appreciate. :woohoo:

  • Amy

    Thanks so much for these lesson schedules! They are a lifesaver! Would you mind emailing me the schedules so I can make changes for our stake conference dates? I'm unable to make it work. thanks!

  • Janelle

    I would greatly appreciate if you could email me a copy so I can make changes to it. Thank you so much for doing this and sharing it! So thoughtful.

  • Misty Heitsch  - THANKS!

    Total lifesaver and time saver. Thank you SO much!

  • mollywentzel

    I would like to know how to get in the other tabs on the excel files I can't get into them could you e- mail them to me I would like that. Thank You for all your work Molly

  • marian  - Thank you

    I just want to express my gratitude for all the hard work. It saves me tons of time to spend my kids. You are blessing to many.

  • Marilyn  - Cannot open in Excel

    Thanks so much for this! Can you send this to me in excel I am having problems opening it in anything other than PDF...Thanks

  • Anarizza  - Planner

    Hi, will you please email me this lesson schedules so I can make changes for our branch. Thank you so much for everything that you do.

  • Connie  - 2013 Lesson Schedule

    Thank you so much for sharing this schedule. I can not open it for some reason (I'm sure it is a problem with my computer) and was wondering if you would please e mail it to me as a excel file (not zipped)

    Thank you so much.

  • Dixie

    Thank you so much for this! As a new presidency, we need all the help we can get!!!

  • Kathy  - 2013 Lesson Schedule

    Thank you so much for sharing this schedule. I can not open it for some reason (I'm sure it is a problem with my computer) and was wondering if you would please e mail it to me as a excel file (not zipped)

  • LC  - Thank you SO much!!!

    I appreciate your thoughtfulness and service in sharing this schedule!!! :)

  • Sue Martin  - Lesson Schedule

    Hi there. Thank you so much for posting these lesson schedules. I cannot get into them, either. Hubby has tried and he's a computer whiz, so I am guessing something is up with my computer. Could you please email your excel file to my email and I will try to open it up from there. Thanks. :-)

  • Blanche  - Thank you!

    Thank you for sharing your lesson schedules. I can't download the files either. Could you email me the Excel file not zipped? Thanks

  • Mindy  - Lesson Schedule for 2013

    A.MAZING!!! Thank you so much!!!

  • RaNae

    Thank you so so so much! This saved me HOURS of worked great!!

  • MAILE SUA  - Lesson Schedule for Primary

    Thanks sooooo much for sharing this. It has been a life saver for my primary and my primary teachers... Love ur work.

  • Joni Sill

    Thank you so much!! This will save me so much time!! However, I do not know how to use excel and I need to make changes for our ward so would you mind emailing me a copy so I can make the needed changes??

  • Kristina

    Thank you of taking the time to make this. Can you please e-mail me the pdf file, so I can make changes on it. Thank you!

  • Anonymous

    Thank you for your love and time for sharing :)

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