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Karen writes, "We have been brain storming for activity ideas to go with the new 2013 curriculum.  Since we are supposed to use our Mutual night activities to reinforce what is taught on Sunday, we thought we better get ready with some activity suggestions for the youth.  Here are some we have come up with so far.  The Roasting Your Bad Habits has already been suggested, but we added a balloon option for those of us that hate hot dogs.

FEBRUARY - Golfing is my life!

Provide each quorum and class with building odds and ends such as duct tape, carpet rolls, boards, blocks, etc. and let each group choose a class room in the church where they will construct a miniature golf course hole.  Once the course is ready the youth will move through the course of life starting with the first room:

The first one will be Pre-earth life and if they make it in the hole they are “born.”

The second room is Earth life.  This course should be the hardest one.

The third room is Death; should be able to get pretty creative here.

The fourth room is the Spirit World. You may need some cotton balls or batting around the hole for clouds in this room.

The fifth room is the Resurrection.  Some boards for ramps going “UP” might be appropriate in this room.

The sixth room is the final judgment which should have three holes; the easiest one the telestial Kingdom, the middle one the Terrestrial Kingdom and the hardest hole the Celestial Kingdom.

Either before or after the game is played, have someone talk about the Plan of salvation… who we are, where we came from, why we are here, what we are supposed to do while we are here and where we want to go when we leave this earth.

MARCH - Giant Jenga

Purchase some  6” X  6” X 48” long cardboard boxes (telescope packing boxes) from a mailing store.  With the right connections you might be able to purchase them wholesale.   Position your Jenga pieces in the middle of the gym floor.  This should be approximately 7’ tall.  Split the youth into teams and have them sit surrounding the tower.  Talk to them about building your life on a firm foundation and keeping it strong.  We all make mistakes in this life.  Sometimes we sin.  When we do, we are chipping away at our firm foundation.  If we aren’t careful, that foundation can crumble; bad things can happen and we will be in a mess.  Because of our Savior Jesus Christ he has made it possible for us to pick up the broken pieces of our lives, and through repentance we can rebuild and start again.  Play the game of Jenga with each team taking a turn.  As time permits, they may want to replay several times.  Consider offering a prize for the team that wins best 3 out of 5.

JULY - Facing your tents towards the temple

Have the youth and leaders bring plenty of blankets and binder clips.  Using whatever else is around, have each group compete to see who can construct the best blanket tent.  Make sure they all face a certain direction.  When they are finished and awards given, briefly talk about the importance of “facing our tents toward the temple” or in other words, living our life so we can be worthy to go to the temple.  Then let all the youth watch a good church movie from their tents.

OCTOBER - Roasting your bad habits

Hold a “roast” for bad habits.  Prior to the activity ask each girl to choose a bad habit they would like to get rid of and to establish a plan to do it.  On the activity night take a trip to the canyon, build a big fire and roast hot dogs.  Then hold a special ceremony- each girl takes a piece of paper on which she has written her bad habit and throws it into the fire. Some of the girls may choose to share their experiences as they do so.

(Another idea) - Give each one of the youth a helium filled balloon on a string.  Take the group on a hike up a mountain trail.  Tell them they are to protect their balloon and not let it pop on the way up.  When they get to the top talk about bad habits and how they are like the balloon.  Sometimes we want to hold on to our bad habits and protect them.  But bad habits make life difficult and they keep us from reaching our full potential.  We need to get rid of our bad habits.  Have each youth think of one of their bad habits.  They can either write it on their balloon with a marker or just think about it.  All together, they let their balloons go.  This can be followed with a speaker or a testimony meeting or just a race down the mountain followed by treats.


OBJECT of the game: To get from Heaven to earth and back to Heaven without getting caught (tagged) by the adversary.  All youth line up on the Heaven line.  Leaders are anywhere in the playing field, but cannot step into the “holy places.”  On the word “GO” all youth try to run to the opposite end of the gym, which is marked “Earth” without getting tagged by a leader.  Youth may step into a “holy place” where they are safe, but only 3 youth at a time may occupy one “holy place.”  Pushing a person out of a “holy place” is not allowed.  If they are tagged they must go back to Heaven and start over, OR if they are tagged, they are out.  The game can be played either way. (See the set up below - the squares represent a "holy place".)

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