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QUESTION - What are your plans for New Beginnings in 2013?  To answer this question, please leave a comment using the form below.  THANKS!

- Cheri H. writes, "I'm excited about our plans for New Beginnings. My 2nd counselor always plans this event. Her idea is Daughters of a King. She will briefly introduce the theme and then send the girls on a quest. (Kicking off a year long quest which will conclude at Young Women in Excellence). We will have 8 rooms designated as kingdoms or various stops along the journey. A leader or young woman who has completed her medallion will present the room. In 5 minutes or less, the leader will discuss the value (first she will decorate her own room in the value color). she will also provide ideas about projects or how to succeed along the journey to reach the young woman medallion. One of the tips for succeeding will be presented by a young woman and her mom because I feel a huge amount of success comes when a mom will sit down with her daughter for only 10 minutes each Sunday. They talk about the scriptures and discuss values. What a precious gift we are giving moms - insight into their daughters testimonies. There will be a special musical number will be jenny phillips happily ever after. The bishop will conclude the meeting with some remarks. i am suggesting "Song of the King" in a book I have by Max Lucado as a possible story for him to include.  As for class symbols, logo, etc - we will have display (or have a girl - as a project - make posters to represent all of those." (LDS YW Yahoo Group)

- Who Is Ready to Stand in Holy Places: New Beginnings & YWIE from "Hang a Ribbon on the Moon"

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