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QUESTION - How do you plan on introducing the 2013 Mutual Theme ("Stand in Holy Places")?  To answer this question, please leave a comment using the form below.  THANKS!

- Karen Sunday has shared an activity idea that corresponds with the mutual theme, "Stand in Holy Places".  The plan is to use this activity to introduce the Mutual Theme for next year at their Youth Planning meeting this month.  (ga11202012)

OBJECT of the game: To get from Heaven to earth and back to Heaven without getting caught (tagged) by the adversary.  All youth line up on the Heaven line.  Leaders are anywhere in the playing field, but cannot step into the “holy places.”  On the word “GO” all youth try to run to the opposite end of the gym, which is marked “Earth” without getting tagged by a leader.  Youth may step into a “holy place” where they are safe, but only 3 youth at a time may occupy one “holy place.”  Pushing a person out of a “holy place” is not allowed.  If they are tagged they must go back to Heaven and start over, OR if they are tagged, they are out.  The game can be played either way. (See the set up below - the squares represent a "holy place".)


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