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QUESTION - What birthday gift do you plan on giving to your Young Women during 2013?  To answer this question, please leave a comment using the form below.  THANKS!

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  • Emily summers  - 2013 Birthday Gifts

    We are going to be submitting a year subscription of the New Era to each of the girls. We live in a place that most of our girls don't receive it through their families. It's also nice for them to have their very own.

  • Kathy

    What a great idea!!

  • Anonymous  - Bottle Cap Jewelry Kits and Images

    Images featuring the 2013 YW theme are found at The 1" round images are to be placed on the "bottle cap zipper pulls" from Fizzy Pops- cap-zipper-pull-kit-zip-pull These are super easy to make and so cute clipped onto scripture bags or anything else. They cost under .60 each. You can also get their key chain kits or necklace kits instead if you prefer those.

  • Cheree  - Socks and Nail Polish

    We are giving the girls socks and nail polish to go with the theme "Stand in holy places". We spent about $1.50 per girl.

  • MaryAnn

    We are also giving them nail polish.

  • Gina Barnard  - Color Socks

    We are giving the girls 8 pairs of socks. Each will have a color in it that represents the value, so when they put them on they will remember. I have the topers we made for them if anyone is interest.

  • Kim Thompson

    Where did you find the socks? Especially the gold ones? I would also love the topper.

  • Jenn  - socks

    I would love to see the toppers you made for the socks. What a cute idea!!!

  • Lindsay Dodds

    I would also like to find out where you got the socks and would be interested in the topper. We were planning to do something similar. Thank you!

  • Mae  - Where did you get socks?

    Hi, where did you get the socks? Will you send me a copy or link of topper please? Thanks.

  • Anonymous

    Where did you purchase the socks & what is the topper?

  • Mary Brown

    Where did you get the socks & what is the topper?

  • jane  - toppers for socks

    I would love your idea for the toppers

  • carrie

    I would also love to know where you got the socks and have the topper. Thanks

  • Chris Brown

    I would love to have a copy of the topper. Thanks.

  • LuAnne  - Sock Topper

    I'm not sure if you will get this but if you do, I would really love to know what you did for a topper on the socks for your Young Women.

    Thanks so much for your help and ideas!

  • Vicki McBroom

    I would like to see how the toppers are made as well as where did you get the socks? Our town does not have that much of a variety of places to get these, but Tulsa does I'm sure.

  • Allison  - Sock Topper

    I'd also love to see/ get a copy of your sock topper!

  • Kendra

    I'd love a copy of the topper! Thanks!

  • Beverley Miller

    I would love to know where you got the socks and what do you need to put them together thank you

  • Deanna

    I would also like to know where you purchased the socks and would like to see the topper. Thanks!!!

  • Maureen McIlwain  - Color Socks

    Wonderful idea. I would love to have the topper info please.

  • Gina Barnard  - Socks

    My last message I forgot to change to notify if you could change it for me. Thanks

  • Marcie  - Necklace

    We are giving a cute necklace with a shoe pendant. We are going to put them in little satin bags and attach the "Stand Ye In Holy Places" theme.

  • LuAnne

    Would you mind sharing where you purchased the necklaces and about how much they cost? Thanks so much.

  • Vicki McBroom

    I would also like to know where you got the necklaces or patterns for them and how much they cost. Thanks.

  • Karli  - Temple Recommend Holders

    We are giving the girls a temple recommend holder made from an ID badge and Now and Laters. Tag that has the theme and something along the lines of "Be prepared to go to the temple Now and Later".

    Something like this: lesson-16-17-lm3-temple-endowment.html

  • donetta rushton  - Donetta- Padded white Hangers

    We are giving the girls a white padded hanger, with a dress hanging from it that explains they are to hang their wedding dress on it when they get married in the temple.

  • Ashley Lewis  - Candy & Temple Block

    We had a couple ideas:

    1) Wood block with a pic of a Arizona temple on each side. And one side have vinyl saying "Stand Ye In Holy Places"

    2) Their favorite King size Candy Bar. With a picture of the temple that will say "Sweet is the reward for those who Stand in Holy Places" OR "Stand Ye in Holy Places" because the reward is so sweet!

  • kerry nelson  - Bookmark and Temple Charm attatched

    We are giving them a bookmark with a Temple charm that they can attach to the necklace that we gave them for 2012 that had a lighthouse on it, or attach it to whatever they want could be for a bracelet or a zipper pull, we have attached them to a bookmark that has the 2013 theme done in subway art. soo cute

  • Patty R.  - colorful knee socks

    We bought colorful, crazy knee socks ($2 each on sale at target), which we will roll up and tie with a ribbon with 'stand ye in holy places' attached. We'll put them all in a basket and let the girls choose a pair when it's their birthday.

  • Jennifer L  - Bottle Cap Necklaces

    We are doing these images: here
    with these necklace kits: here
    and making bottle cap necklaces for our girls.
    For gifting we are going to print a bookmark and attach the necklace. Less than $1.50 per girl!

  • Tawnya Reid  - young women gifts

    we are going to give pocket mirrors with the theme on them that we found on

  • Kim Sparks  - Fuzzy Toe Socks

    We are getting them fuzzy toe socks

  • Susan  - YW b-day gift

    We are doing the sock cupcakes as seen on pinterest along with the sock poem that is on sugardoodle.

  • Jamie  - Jewelry Stands

    We will be giving Jewelry Stands. With a printable of this years theme. We thought it would be a great reminder to "stand" in holy places as well as a reminder to work towards their yw medallion. This is a similar stand I made for my yw a few years ago at Christmas time jewelry-stands.html

  • Christine  - Picture of the Temple

    We are giving a framed picture of the temple along with the SIHP scripture framed. Dollar store double frame.

  • Ashlyn Dale  - 2013 YW Birthday Gift

    The YW leaders have purchased CTR rings that have the words Choose The Right written on them but plan to attach a card saying that CTR could also stand for Current Temple Recommend, encouring them to always be willing to stand in holy places by always be ready to be able to attend the temple. This idea was something I read and can't take the credit for the idea but thought I could at least share the idea.

  • Katie

    We're doing tennis shoe keychains from Oriental trading company and make a tag from shrinky dink that says "Stand in Holy Places"

  • Amanda Waite  - thanks!

    Thanks so much for the idea... ours turned out so cute and we are giving them to the girls for New Beginnings!

  • Kathy  - Socks & topper

    Please let me know where you to the socks and what the topper is?

  • Tara  - Temple Slippers

    We have had several ideas. Last year we gave them a temple hanger. This year we wanted to add to it and give them temple slippers, to remind them to not only have a goal to get to the temple but to stand in holy places now. We also thought about a can of shoe polish, to remind them that they could polish away their sins as they stand in their holy places.

  • CC  - Clean Hands Pure Heart

    We are giving our Young Women some Bath and Body Words hand soap and some hearts to go along with scripture "Who shall aascend into the hill of the Lord? or who shall stand in his holy place? He that hath aclean bhands, and a pure heart;" Psalm 24: 3-4 There are some cute printables to go along with it.

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