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QUESTION - How do you plan on introducing the 2013 Primary theme ("I am a child of God")?  To answer this question, please leave a comment using the form below.  THANKS!

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  • Jill Rowland  - 2013 Theme Introduction gift

    We are giving each of the kids a small compact mirror with a sticker saying "I Am a Child of God" on it.

  • LaBronnasmom  - Compact mirror

    I looked at the mirrors. Are you putting anything above the "I am a Child of God" I didn't see anything I really wanted to go there but it looks odd just blank. I can't seem to enlarge the font to take up the space. Thank you for all your help.

  • Jill Rowland  - re: re: 2013 Theme Introduction gift

    We got them at a wedding favor website called Favor Favor and had them personalized with "I Am a Child of God" on them. Very cute!

  • Kelsey  - personalized mirrors

    I am trying to order the personalized mirrors as you did from favor facor for Primary 2013 but it is making me choose a "design" or picture to go on it. Did you choose a picture or did you find a way to get around that?

    Any help would be appreciated.

    Thank you,

  • Amanda Howard  - 2013 Theme Introduction

    We are printing out these cute bookmarks {got them from this web site} that say "I Am a Child of God" and laminating them. We have boy colors and girl colors.

    We will also do an activity from a "Sharing Time" activity book where they have "I am a child of God" crowns. We'll have the children decorate them and wear them as they leave for home.

  • Sadie Sabin

    What is the link for the bookmarks?...also do you have a link for the crowns? THANKS SO MUCH!!

  • Kellie  - Bookmarks?

    I'd love to see the bookmarks also.


  • Allie  - Link for crown stories/virtuemart/product/i%20am%20a%20child% 20of%20god%20crown%20b&w.pdf

  • Corneille Cecil  - 2013 Theme idea

    In our ward we are combining the theme,"I am a Child of God" with the introduction of the Doctrine and Covenants. In this we are going to dress up in period clothing (we are fortunate to have re-inactors in our ward)and talk about how we have always been children of God, from Adam til today. There is so much information in the up and coming weeks about the Plan of Salvation, who we are, where we came from that we want to introduce that principle visually to,hopefully, ignight their interest and give them a 'place' in this time, tis being the Dispensation of the Fullness of Time. We will stand in line holding a rope of twine (timeline) to connect us, then roll out the twine to where each child is holding a piece of rope as well, making us united in purpose, together forever...ending with a short testimony of temple work. I wish we had enough time to get the entire ward involved, a gigantic line of ward members, from oldest to youngest helping the children 'see' that they be...

  • qu33nof3  - Culture Night: Celebrating who you are

    In our primary, we have a lot of different cultures. We are having a culture night; doing a craft from one country, learning a song or dance in another, trying a new food etc. The point that we want to get across to the children is that no matter what color, or culture, or what you look like, we are all a children of our Heavenly Father.

  • Ange Cardoza  - Introducing 2013/Christmas 2012 Gift

    To Introduce the new theme we are giving it to them with their Christmas Presents. I work for Heritage Makers and have decided to make a card deck of the Article of Faith cards like we used to have except the back is the AoF and the Back is their Picture along with the saying I am a Child of God. Thought this was a great way to cover both areas and everyone in primary - Including teachers - will have a Personalized AoF card of their own. Using the Card Deck made it really easy to do and affordable if you have to make several...

  • Ange Cardoza  - Oops - Correction on last post

    1 Heritage Makers Consultant
    2 Front of cards will Have their Picture and I am a Child of God

  • Vikki Fredrickson  - Interest in the personalize AoF cards

    Ange Cardoza, Hi could you email me your contact information for maing the AoF cards. We are interested in doing this for our senior primary kids. My email is Thank you

  • Marissa  - Interested the AofF cards

    I would also be interested in making the AofF cards through Heritage Makers. My email is Thank you.

  • Rhonda  - Want more info on heritage makers please

    Would like to go cards would love more info

  • Brooke Beaudoin

    Would you share your template for those. I have heritage makers.

  • Pamela  - AofF cards

    Would you please send me your cute idea for the AofF cards too? I would really appreciate it. Thanks!

  • Suzanne  - Pictures?

    I do a lot on Heritage Makers, but I don't understand how you can put their pictures on the backs of the cards--doesn't the back of the whole deck have to be the same picture? If there is a way to put different backs on the cards that would be AWESOME. Or are you putting a picture of the entire primary, so that they are all in every picture?

  • Jill BP  - One in a Million

    We are planning on using the Church's One in a Million project to go along with the I am a Child of God theme. I think we might bring in a laptop and show the kids the One in a Million website and try to make it personal for them.

  • Camille  - One in a million?

    Can you tell me a little bit about this one in a million thing?

  • Cari

    If you go to, on the left side menu there is a link for One in a Million.

  • Amy  - Crowns

    I would like more info about where you found the crowns also. I think that's a great idea!

  • Allie  - Link for crown

    I found a crown link!!! stories/virtuemart/product/i%20am%20a%20child% 20of%20god%20crown%20b&w.pdf

  • Laura K.  - Crowns

    I'm looking for information too about where you got the crowns... thanks!

  • Kay Maynard  - 2013 theme for primary

    I am a new primary president and we are focusing on being children of God and helping others to remember they are too by doing acts of service. We have a warm fuzzy jar to fill for each act of service. We are going to create paper chain with each link that says how we know we are children of God. At the end of the year we are going to use the pom poms (warm fuzzies) to make ornaments for the ward Christmas tree and the paper chain as well. In the past we have given the children a Cd of the program songs as there Christmas present. I made a Dvd on power point with all the songs and our "spotlight song"ONE IN A MILLION from the friend. We are spotlighting each of the children throughout the year as well as the primary board. We are also going to spotlight the twelve and the first presidency on the first Sunday of the month. We are including baby pictures on our bulletin board of the children and all the adults in primary. We will use them when we spotlight and we hav...

  • Cari

    If you go to, on the left side menu there is a link for One in a Million.

  • Cari  - response for Camille

    If you go to, on the left side menu there is a link for One in a Million.

  • Tiffini

    We are going to try to really hit home with each kid how different they are but how special each one of them are to our Heavenly Father. We got our kids little flashlights with I am a child of God on them to attach to their backpacks or scriptures. That way they will always be able to remember.

  • Katie  - 2013 Primary Theme

    I wanted to start the year off on the right foot. I think this year is meant to help build self esteem as we teach.
    I will be gathering the kids and reading the story "You Are Special" by Max Lucado. It really hits home that Heavenly Father knows and loves each of us, no matter what anyone thinks. I have also made book marks with this months theme for their scriptures and will be placing a large mirror with the words "I Am A Child of God" in vinyl placed at the top and the bottom near the door.

  • Cathy Povis  - Birthday and theme

    We used the last sunday in December to introduce our theme of being a Child of God by doing acts of kindness and service by "filling other's buckets" There is the bucket dipper story on sugardoodle augmented by other bucket dipper stories online. We want our Children of God in the primary to be 'bucket fillers' and are making our birthday bulletin board with a big bucket with the children's names on foam stars, moons, rainbows, that are going into the bucket. For their birthday gifts we got some little buckets from oriental trading and filled them with an article of faith card with the picture of Christ with small children, candies, etc. wrapped in cute cellophane.

  • Beth  - I am a child of God video

    There is a video on that is titled I am a Child of God. It is short and sweet but would really be a big help introducing the new theme.

  • L Barker  - I am a Child of God in 4 languages

    We are learning the song I am a Child of God in Spanish. We had Spanish only speakers move in, so we have been learning it in their language. For the program we are going to learn it in French and sign language. We will sing it in Spanish and French for the program. Then, for the closing song, we will do the first verse in Sign Language and have the congregation join us in the 2nd and 3rd verses.

  • Beth  - Our True Identity

    I also found the video called Our True Identity that would go along with the I am a Child of God video. You can download these at itunes for free if you search mormon messages and then find them.
    Good Luck.

  • elizabeth  - I am a child of god - the scriptures are for you

    I am a new president. But we are introducing by giving each child a scripture bag (from oriental trading) and a simple basic book of mormon with an I am a child book mark found on sugar doodle.

    We will be discussing that we are children of God and that he gave us the Scriptures because he loves us so much. We are starting a scripture jar that we add chocolate chip to each week for how many kids brought their scriptures and when the jar is full they earn chocolate chip cookies for the primary.

    We might add in the 'I am a child of God' video mentioned above as well.

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